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Meaning of Avoid.Synonyms of Avoid.Verb.ImproveEnglish.

  1. Improve your Vocabulary: Stop saying VERY!
  2. 15 OVERUSED ENGLISH WORDS you should try to AVOID
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Avoid Repeating BECAUSE! - Use these ADVANCED English alternatives!

  1. How to copy article or Assignment and make it your own
  2. Stop Saying Everything Is INTERESTING | Build Your Vocabulary with Advanced Synonyms
  3. Don't Rely On People | Joel Osteen
  4. DO NOT SAY 'I know' or 'I understand' - there are MUCH better alternatives!

Instantly improve your English with 3 easy words!

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15 Stunningly Beautiful English Words YOU Should Use More Often!

Learn 150 Common Synonyms Words in English to Improve your Vocabulary

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