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Die velo.API-Server werden bei dem österreichischen Spezialisten Cloud Now gehostet. Das gesamte Cloud Now Netz ist hochverfügbar konzipiert. Alle Services stehen rund um die Uhr auf österreichischen High-End-Servern zur Verfügung. Mit einer Verfügbarkeitsrate von 99,985% ist der Zugriff auf die Daten jederzeit sicher The Bike Index API is organized around REST. Our API is designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs and to use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. JSON will be returned in all responses from the API, including errors. CORS. Every endpoint on the Bike Index API supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) velo.API Der neue digitale Standard in Europa für die Kommunikation zwischen Händlern und Lieferanten in der Radbranche Lieferanten, die uns keine digitale Schnittstelle zur Produktdatenerfassung, Bestellübermittlung und Verfügbarkeitsabfrage für unser Warenwirtschaftssystem zur Verfügung stellen, werden bei Vorordern zukünftig nicht mehr berücksichtigt

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CityBikes is a free service. There's just one restriction: if your project is using this API you should indicate it on your app and website, linking the project page. If your project is using PyBikes you should also mention it. There's no need to put a huge 1k px banner on your website, just make a clear and noticeable statement about the. CityBikes is an application that provides bike sharing networks information in numerous countries. Users can search by location to find bike sharing networks, locations, and information. The CityBikes API allows developers to access and integrate the CityBikes data and functionality for integration with other applications. API methods include searching and retrieving bike sharing network information and IDs

The openrouteservice API consumes user-generated and collaboratively collected free geographic data, directly from OpenStreetMap. Cutting edge. Embedded within the University of Heidelberg, we have the unfair advantage of developing our own algorithms and using cutting edge open source technologies within the spatial domain. Global coverage. Virtually speaking, our services will work anywhere. Fahrradtyp (z.B. Panther-Bike oder Pedelec Panther-Bike) Alle bereits genannten Informationen sind auch für CaB verfügbar (außer POI zur Station). Der Datenumfang ist der 01.01.2014 bis Stichtag 09.06.2016 Unsere REST-API. Wir bieten eine REST-API von vyble® an, um Partner und Entwickler mit unserem System zu verbinden. Über unsere REST-API lassen sich Mitarbeiterdaten importieren, Suchanfragen stellen und vieles mehr. Dabei stellen wir das sichere Auslesen der Informationen mit RSA mit 2048 bit und AES-256-Verschlüsselung sicher und sorgen. Your ultimate destination for bikepacking, ultalight cycling and bike touring. Find the best performance, lightweight & waterproof bags, packs and pouche Maps designed for cyclists, showing cycle routes and infrastructure, and emphasising useful amenities

Die OpenCycleMap ist eine aus OpenStreetMap-Daten erzeugte Online-Karte, speziell für Fahrradfahrer optimiert. OpenCycleMap. Radwege, Bike-Sharing, Fahrrad-Shop und frei zugängliches Werkzeug. Route Optimization API. Die Route Optimization API löst Tourenplanungsprobleme unter Berücksichtigung einer Vielzahl von Nebenbedingungen wie Zeitfenster, Fahrzeugkapazitäten oder Fahrerfähigkeiten. Mehr Info Clone Sample. This example creates a map that displays bike paths, suggested bike routes, and other overlays specific to bicycle use. Read the documentation. TypeScript JavaScript CSS HTML. More. function initMap(): void {. const map = new google.maps.Map(. document.getElementById(map) as HTMLElement, { (An API allows two things to talk to each other over the internet, like a Peloton bike and the company's servers storing user data.

The Maps JavaScript API allows you to add bicycle information to your maps using the BicyclingLayer object. The BicyclingLayer renders a layer of bike paths, suggested bike routes and other.. BikeWise API General notes: Time display everything in UTC unix timestamps (integers). Any time parameters you send need to use timestamps as well. Posting in the future we will accept incidents, right now we're just displaying them. V2 endpoints A Bike Index project. Contact us for more information. Bikewise was started by Cascade Bicycle Club and Phil Mitchell. It is now maintained by Bike. Static data provides stable information like bike station position, number of bike stands, payment terminal availability, etc. Disclaimer for the Derilinx API: This API is a work in progress and it is served 'as is Bikeshare API. A bike share REST-API, designed with Node.js, Typescript, TypeORM, Postgres & Docker. Stack. Typescript; Node.js; TypeORM; Docker; Postgres; Instructions. Running the projec

Bikemap is the world's biggest bike route collection. Find your perfect cycling route, create your own bike trails, and discover the most stunning cycling destinations API Documentation Namespaces UnderDeskBike. This namespace contains the main Bike interface class and related classes

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  1. bike: Trekking bike avoiding hills: bike access: mtb: Mountainbike: bike access: racingbike: Bike preferring roads: bike access: Please note: all motor vehicles (car, small_truck, truck and scooter) support turn restrictions via turn_costs=true; the free package supports only the vehicle profiles car, bike or foot; up to 2 different vehicle profiles can be used in a single optimization request.
  2. Stromer API for Node JS. This NPM package provides a wrapper for the Stromer e-bike API. By using this package you can get your bike's status, position and much more
  3. Dublin Bikes is a bike sharing scheme in operation from bicycle docks and stations in Dublin City. This page provides access to 2 APIs: 1) Dublinbikes BETA API by Derilinx which provides near real time data and historic data 2) JCDecaux API which provides real time data (no historic data) Dynamic data includes station state, number of available bikes, number of free bike stands, etc

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OpenCycleMap API KEY REQUIRED. OpenCycleMap is operated by ThunderForest, a paid service. They overlay the message API KEY REQUIRED on their maps to encourage users to register with them. You can create a free account and update the map definition in MyTrails > Maps > tap on the OpenCycleMap entry and edit the map URL, adding ?apikey. The API that powers Peloton's bikes and profiles may have exposed customer data to third parties, according to TechCrunch. The API bug has been resolved, but it's not clear if anyone gained. Dein Leben mit Lime - urbane Mobilität neu gedacht. Mit E-Scootern, Fahrrädern und E-Bikes in mehr als 100 Ländern ist Lime weltweit Vorreiter im Verleih von Elektrofahrzeugen für den städtischen Verkehr. Die Mission: Menschen verbinden, nachhaltig handeln und Transportlösungen schaffen, die Millionen Menschen jeden Tag nutzen The #1 electric scooter and bike sharing app, our dock-free rides are available anytime to get you across town or campus. Lime dockless electric scooters and bikes enable you to reimagine urban life through the wonder of accessible, sustainable micromobility GitHub is where people build software. More than 56 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects

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CityBikes is an application that provides bike sharing networks information in numerous countries. Users can search by location to find bike sharing networks, locations, and information. The CityBikes API allows developers to access and integrate the CityBikes data and functionality for integration with other applications. API methods include searching and retrieving bike TrailAPI API Documentation. Information and photos for tens of thousands of outdoor recreation locations including hiking and mountain biking trails, campgrounds, ski resorts, ATV trails, and more Parameter Description; service: One of the following values: route, nearest, table, match, trip, tile version: Version of the protocol implemented by the service. v1 for all OSRM 5.x installations: profile: Mode of transportation, is determined statically by the Lua profile that is used to prepare the data using osrm-extract.Typically car, bike or foot if using one of the supplied profiles


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Within this API you are able to use the identical set of options that are found in the directions service. A typical use case of isochrones is figuring out how far an object is able to travel within a given amount of time or distance. One may also want to find out which catchment or community areas a certain location has, e.g. schools or shopping precincts. Extraordinarily large areas. The. Categorize support issues (API) Classify images with Image Classification API (API) Use object detection to recognize traffic signs (Model Builder) Detect objects in images (API) Detect anomalies in product sales (API) Forecast bike rental demand (API & SQL Server) Build a movie recommender (API

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The data has been processed to remove trips that are taken by staff as they service and inspect the system; and any trips that were below 60 seconds in length (potentially false starts or users trying to re-dock a bike to ensure it was secure). Download Divvy trip history data. You can get live station info on our station GBFS JSON feed Note: in order to connect to the bike using a mobile app you need a wireless module. These do not come standard on Di2 road bikes. E-Tube RIDE is Shimano's app that turns your phone into a bike computer. It helps you plan your route, record your ride and upload it to Strava. Also, it lets you pair sensors and displays your current speed, cadence and even power (if you have compatible sensors.

Verbinde deine Smartwatch, dein GPS-Gerät oder dein E-Bike mit komoot Connect. Mit ein paar Klicks richtest du die Verbindung ein und verwendest komoot auf deinem Gerät. Jetzt verknüpfen A fast route planner for biking, hiking and more! Based on OpenStreetMap including elevation data. Try out for free You can rent up to 5 bikes, for short or long rental periods. You unlock the bike with the app through a Bluetooth connection. During the rental period, you can take the bike wherever you like and lock/unlock as much as you like. At the end of the rental, you have to bring the Donkey to a drop-off location, this way we keep the city organised. The counts are only updated when a bike passes the sensor. The timestamp of the last update can be found in the response. The timestamp indicates the local time. The timestamp of the last update can be found in the response

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  1. 2-Rad / Quad / Kart / Bike. Ob für Motorrad, Moped, Roller, Trike, Quad oder Kart. Für Straße, Gelände oder Rennstrecke. Für Motor, Getriebe oder Federgabel. LIQUI MOLY bietet Motorenöle, Getriebeöle, Gabelöle und Filteröle sowie Additive, die auf die speziellen Bedürfnisse von Zweirädern optimal abgestimmt sind
  2. ATIVAFIT X-Bike Sport Fitnessfahrrad für Heimtrainer Fitnessbike für Ober-Und Unterkörper x-Bike mit Handpulsmessung & LCD Monitor faltbares Standfahrrad Fitnessgerät für Zuhause Büro Training: Amazon.de: Sport & Freizei
  3. After my bike got stolen twice last year, I gave up having my own bicycle. Personally, I like Mobike simply because I can access it anytime through the app. There is no need to return the bike to the original location. Regardeless of where I go, I just need to turn on the app and there will be an available bike nearby. Mobiker: James. I now Mobike to and from work everyday. I'm exercising.
  4. Lease a Bike ist eine Marke der Bike Mobility Services GmbH (BMS). BMS ist eine Tochtergesellschaft der niederländischen Pon Bike, einem Top-Five-Player auf dem globalen Fahrradmarkt mit internationalen Marken wie Kalkhoff, Focus, Cervélo, Urban Arrow, Santa Cruz, und Royal Dutch Gazelle
  5. 701 Bikes for sale. Title Country Price; 1963 Piaggio Vespa: IT: EUR 5900: 2011 Ducati Other - Monster 1100 Evo: IT: P.O.R: 1976 Laverda 250 - CHOTT 2TR: IT: EUR 5800: 1979 Bultaco Alpina - 250: IT: EUR 5800: 1996 Italjet Formula 50: IT: EUR 1300: 1938 Triumph Motorcycles Model H - 5H Deluxe: NZ: NZD 32000 - NZD 34000: 1976 Honda Cb 500: IT: EUR 6900 : 1971 Kawasaki H-Serie: IT: EUR 12400.
  6. Hello, I'm still unclear how you can insert the API key on your OSM And of your phone.. I have registered on Thunderforest and obtained the API Key, but not sure how and where to insert that. I tried on QGIS as you suggest, but all i can do is inserting the Cycle Map on QGIS (using the code+key I obtained on Thunderforest), but I dont seem to be able to save/export the layer into my phone.

ATIVAFIT X-Bike Sport Fitnessfahrrad für Heimtrainer Fitnessbike für Ober-Und Unterkörper x-Bike mit Handpulsmessung & LCD Monitor faltbares Standfahrrad Fitnessgerät für Zuhause Büro Training. 4,3 von 5 Sternen 5.669. €161,99 € 161, 99. Next page. Haben Sie eine Frage? Antworten finden Sie in Produktinformationen, Fragen und Antworten und Rezensionen. Bei Ihrer Anfrage ist ein. bike Domain Reseller. bike Domain Preis 9,00 In our bike rental API, the list of stations won't change too frequently. Therefore, it's OK to set a small max-age cache for it, like a couple of hours. In the worst case, a user will have to wait some hours to see an update on stations, which may be fine depending on the requirements of the service. Also, to remediate this while keeping caching, clients can provide a force refresh.

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Directions API version. This documentation is for v5 of the Directions API. For information about the earlier version, see the v4 documentation. The Mapbox Directions API will show you how to get where you're going. With the Directions API, you can: Calculate optimal driving, walking, and cycling routes using traffic- and incident-aware routing Für wen ist das gesuchte Bike? Bitte auswählen. Erwachsene. Kinder & Jugendliche Bis zu einer Körpergröße von 150 cm www.styria.bike Bike pisso api, Yatiyantota, Sri Lanka. 1,514 likes · 7 talking about this. Bike pisso api bike gena denuma bedagenimata sadapu group ekaki mema page ekata like kara obath apa ha ekwana sesa ella..

Trailforks API. A JSON API is available on request to integrate Trailforks data into your application or website. We can also provide RSS feeds for most content updates and we provide a number of. embeddable widgets. API is under development, more methods to come and additional functions for POST & PUT. For details on what various metadata ids. The bike management API can then use internal camera footage (triggered by the API and stored using remote resources) to record the status of the vended bike before its handed to the user, storing this data for future use by sending the data through the intermediary orchestration API into a remote management service. Finally, the bike can be vended by leveraging the front-facing API to open. Then, BIKER ranks them by considering the query's similarity with both Stack Overflow posts and API documentation. Finally, to help developers better understand why each API is recommended and how to use them in practice, BIKER summarizes and presents supplementary information (e.g., API description, code examples in Stack Overflow posts) for each recommended API. Our quantitative evaluation. Overview. The Vehicle API is comprised of a collection of resources that provide access to an array of automotive datasets related directly to the automotive vehicle.First, you need to know the five components that fully describe an automotive vehicle:. Vehicle Make → Vehicle Model → Vehicle Model Year → Vehicle Trim → Vehicle Style. For example API; Contribute; Showcase; Contact; Citybikes Bike sharing data for everyone. Some years ago we wanted to create an android app for our local bike sharing system and found out there was no open data available for us to do so. Other systems around the world had exactly the same problem. Instead of creating yet-another-app, we created Citybikes, a project that provides bike sharing data for apps.

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Our open API and this rich data set yield diverse opportunities for developers, from creating new hardware to augmenting the Strava experience. The Strava V3 API is a publicly available interface that allows developers to access Strava data. The interface is stable and used by the Strava mobile apps. However, we occasionally make major changes to improve performance and enhance our features. API CK-4 oils exceed the performance criteria of API CJ-4, CI-4 with CI-4 PLUS, CI-4, and CH-4 and can effectively lubricate engines calling for those API Service Categories. When using CK-4 oil with higher than 15 ppm sulfur fuel, consult the engine manufacturer for service interval recommendations. CJ-4. Current This six-page laminated guide is designed to help consumers understand the API Engine Oil Quality Marks—the API Certification Mark Starburst, the API Certification Mark Shield and the API Service Symbol Donut—and the API Service Categories. A downloadable Motor Oil Guide shelf card is available in PDF format. Downloads. Motor Oil Guide. File Size: 2 MB Motor Oil Guide (Spanish) File.

Bei jeder Fahrt sind 30 Freiminuten inklusive - und das in jedem Tarif! Mit unseren klassischen StadtRÄDERN kannst du bequem die Stadt erkunden. Hast du mal etwas mehr zu transportieren, bietet dir das Lastenpedelec extra viel Stauraum. Bereits seit 2009 ist StadtRAD Hamburg das führende Bikesharing-System in Deutschland Appi steht für: Vollmer Appi (* 1947), nauruischer Politiker. APPI steht als Abkürzung für: American Psychiatric Publishing, US-amerikanischer Psychiatrieverlag. Asia Petroleum Price Index, Referenz (Benchmark) für den Ölhandel in Asien. Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês, Vereinigung portugiesischer Englischlehrer

Twist Bike Base Rahmenhalterung 22.00 g. SRAM GX Eagle 12-fach 299.00 g. Maxxis Minion DHR II Rear TR EXO 3C MaxxTerra 1002.00 g. FUNN Zippa Lite ISCG05 Kettenführung 31.00 g. bike-components Loamer Disc Center Lock HR 931.00 g . bike-components Loamer Disc Center Lock VR 841.00 g. SRAM G2 RSC hinten 281.00 g. SRAM G2 RSC vorne 258.00 g. Race Face Chester 35 145.00 g. Marzocchi Bomber Z1 29. Bike Share Map. Bike Share Map shows the locations of docking stations associated with bicycle sharing systems from 400+ cities around the world. Each docking station is represented by a circle, its size and colour depending on the size and number of bicycles currently in it. The maps generally update every few minutes A simple API for embedding free high-resolution photos from Unsplash. API Documentation. To unsplash.com. Unsplash Source Simple embedding for Unsplash photos. For a more advanced integration, see Unsplash API. Random From a user. Simply add photo dimensions after the URL (ex: /800x600) Copy . Photo by Tobias van Schneider. Using Source. Source is built for use in small, low-traffic.

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SR SUNTOUR E-BIKE SYSTEM Love the detour. Mehr erfahren. Previous Slide Next Slide. First slide details. Current Slide 1 slide details. 2 slide details. 3 slide details. 4 slide details. 5 slide details. Aktuelles von SR Suntour. 04.02.2021 Rider. Hans No Way Rey on board! SR SUNTOUR is honored to welcome mountain bike legend Hans No Way Rey to our WERX... 14.10.2020 Event. UCI MTB. This API provides real time information on the Dublin bikes. Dublin Bikes real time and static data Two kinds of data are delivered by the platform: Static data provides stable information like station position, number of bike stands, payment terminal availability, etc. Dynamic data provides station state, number of available bikes, number of free bike stands, etc. Static data can be. Hohberg Bike Marathon 2019. Ergebnisse Langdistanz (66km - 1650hm) Gesamtwertung; Altersklassen; Mitteldistanz (44km - 1100hm) Gesamtwertung; Altersklassen; Kurzdistanz (22km - 550hm) Gesamtwertung; Altersklassen; Urkunden Zu den Urkunden der Veranstaltung. 21.09.2019 1. Nassauer Hospiz-Charity-Run 2019. Ergebnisse 10km Lauf. Gesamtwertung ; Rundenzeiten; 5km Lauf. Gesamtwertung; Rundenzeiten. Monitoring the Indego bike usage API to predict when the bike share stations are most likely going to be empty or full. 1 Dataset View Visualizing Indego bike share usage patterns in Philadelphia Data and Resource nextbike GmbH newsroom: Bike-Sharing ist Corona-Gewinner! / ADFC Fahrradklimatest bestätigt Wichtigkeit von Bike-Sharing / nextbike installiert allein im ersten Halbjahr in über 40 Städten neue.

Vancouver Bike Share is proud to have Shaw Communications as our system-wide presenting partner of Mobi by Shaw Go. With common values and practices of community, connectivity and smart technology, Shaw and Mobi by Shaw Go are providing Vancouver with an easy, convenient and fun way to get around and explore Aufbau der EAN. Die EAN enthält kodiert das Ausgabeland, den Hersteller und eine Produktnummer. Hinzu kommt noch eine Prüfziffer. Wenn man allerdings nur den Barcode hat, kann man auf den ersten Blick nicht erkennen von was für einem Produkt er stammt. Daher diese Website mit einer EAN Rückwärts-Suche, die zu einem Code das Produkt ausgibt

Analyze and visualize location data and gain new insights. Isochrone API. Visualize on a map areas that people can reach from one or more starting points. Travel Times API. Calculate precise travel times to a large number of targets. Multigraph API. Get fine-tuned, configurable visualizations for complex reachability scenarios. Places Context API In version 8.6 or later, select Web and Console > App > API > Next. In the Configure the new ASP.NET Core Web API dialog, select the latest .NET Core 3.x Target Framework. Select Next. Enter TodoApi for the Project Name and then select Create. Accessing a Command Terminal on Mac Hongji Bike newsroom: Hongji Bike stellt auf der Eurobike-Messe das brandneue Produkt stone für den europäischen Markt vor Hongji Bike bringt Shared E-Scooter zum Preis von NUR 299 USD. The Sports API allows you to retrieve a list of sports and their corresponding IDs. This service Learn more chevron_right. Documentation chevron_right. All products. Available now. Sport Vision API. Start learning more about your users, get the most of your pictures. Contextualize them by detecting automatically the sport practiced, the equipment used. products mountain bike, helmet. sport.

S = Synthetic. API = American Petrol Institute, which signifies a standard. JASO MA = Oil for motorcycles with wet clutches. SG = An oil rating. Choose an oil that is SG or higher, ie SH, SM etc, but not SD for example. Ext Tank = Eternal Oil Tank, not Premix. Make Model Engine oil Oil Capacity; YAMAHA: AEROX 100 (YQ100) 2-Stroke Oil: 1.4 - JASO FC: YAMAHA: AEROX R: 2-Stroke Ext Tank: 1.1 L. Getriebeöle nach API GL-4 sind heute typische Vertreter in quereingebauten Transaxle-Getrieben. Hypoidverzahnte Getriebe (kreuzende Wellen mit großem Achsversatz) in PKW und anderen Fahrzeugen unter schockartiger Belastung bei hoher Drehzahl. Getriebeöle nach API GL-5 werden heute vorzugsweise in Hinterachsdifferentialen eingesetzt OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. Hosting is supported by UCL, Bytemark Hosting, and other partners Citybike Wien. Citybike Wien ist ein innovatives und umweltfreundliches öffentliches Verkehrsmittel. An mehr als 120 Stationen in Wien können Räder entlehnt werden. Sie können Ihr Rad an einer freien Bikebox einer beliebigen Station zurückgeben. Rund um die Uhr, das ganze Jahr lang

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