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What are Valuation Multiples? Valuation multiples Multiples Analysis The multiples analysis is a valuation technique that utilizes different financial metrics from comparable companies to value a target company. are financial measurement tools that evaluate one financial metric as a ratio of another, in order to make different companies more comparable. Multiples are the proportion of one financial metric (i.e. Share Price) to another financial metric (i.e. Earnings per Share). It is an easy. Types of Multiples Types of Valuation Multiples There are many types of valuation multiples used in financial analysis. They can be categorized as equity multiples and enterprise value multiples. EBITDA Multiple EBITDA Multiple The EBITDA multiple is a financial ratio that compares a company's Enterprise Value to its annual EBITDA. This multiple is used to determine the value of a company and compare it to the value of other, similar businesses. A company's EBITDA multiple provides a. This guide will walk through the P/E Multiples Valuation model. A P/E Multiple, also known as the Price-to-Earnings ratio, indicates the multiple of earnings investors are willing to pay for one share of a company. To determine if a company is expensive it is far more useful to compare P/E ratios (say 15x vs 20x) than the absolute stock price ($5/share vs $5,000/share). If you're not familiar with P/E ratios, I recommend readin A Multiples Valuation, also known as a Comparable Companies Analysis, determines the value of a subject company by benchmarking the subject's financial performance against similar public companies (Peer Group) The multiples approach is a valuation theory based on the idea that similar assets sell at similar prices. It assumes that the type of ratio used in comparing firms, such as operating margins or..

(See Table 1) For instance, EV/revenue multiple is used to evaluate value of various new industries. While EV/EBITDAR multiple is used when there are significant rental and lease expenses incurred by business operations. Table 1 shows typical multiples used in firm valuation within an industry. Table 2 shows Enterprise Value multiples by industry Valuation Multiples: A Primer November 2001 4 UBS g Wr bu r a differences in value. For example, different accounting policies can result in diverging multiples for otherwise identical operating businesses. Advantages Despite these disadvantages, multiples have several advantages

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  1. For example, if a 3 year old startup that has a negative EBITDA and revenues of $10M per year, they would weight P/S multiple higher as the valuation methodology. If it were last year pre-Covid, they could've asked for $40M in selling price (i.e. $10M * 4.1x P/S multiple). Now, they could ask for $50M in selling price (i.e. $10M * 5x)
  2. In our Example we are using Multiple valuation- Single Ledger. For activating group valuation, both currency types 11 and 31 need to be maintained in the new currency customizing. In ACDOCA, the currency types in the company code currency and global currency must exit for group valuation. Although only one currency type is maintained for a valuation approach in the currency and valuation.
  3. Valuation Multiples by Industry. The table below summarises eVal's current month-end calculations of trailing industry enterprise value (EV) multiples for US listed firms, based on trailing 12-month financial data. We provide enterprise value multiples based on trailing Revenue, EBITDA, EBIT, Total Assets, and Tangible Assets data, as reported. Our valuation multiples are categorised by sector and standard industry classification (SIC) codes
  4. In economics, valuation using multiples, or relative valuation, is a process that consists of: identifying comparable assets (the peer group) and obtaining market values for these assets. converting these market values into standardized values relative to a key statistic, since the absolute prices cannot be compared. This process of standardizing creates valuation multiples
  5. Below is a hypothetical example to explain this methodology. From the table above, the average PE multiple for the IT sector is 20.7x. However, the company under consideration - Infosys, is trading at 17.0x. This implies that Infosys is trading below the average sector multiple, and a BUY signal is warranted
  6. Empirical evidence shows that forward-looking multiples are more accurate predictors of value. Jing Liu, Doron Nissim, and Jacob Thomas, for example, compared the characteristics and performance of historical and forward industry multiples for a subset of companies trading on the NYSE, the American Stock Exchange, and Nasdaq.

Valuation using multiples often known as relative valuation is a technique that is used for making an estimate of the value of an asset and this is done by making a comparison of the asset's value with the values of similar assets or comparables after analyzing the market. Process of valuation using multiples . The process of valuation using multiples involves certain steps and they are: 1. SDE X Multiple = Value of the Business. For example, if a dental practice has seller's discretionary earnings of $850,000 and is estimated to sell at a 1.70x multiple, then the business is worth approximately $1,445,000. $850,000 X 1.70x = $1,445,000. Seller's discretionary is a common cash flow multiple used in small business transactions. SDE is derived by starting with your company's.

PE Multiple Valuation Example The easiest way to show how PE multiple valuation works in practice is by using an example. Suppose your business has earnings of 100,000, and a typical PE multiple for a listed company in your industry sector is 10 When using price multiples based on fundamentals, the price multiple is calculated based on the forecasted value of the stock calculated using a valuation model such as DDM. In this method, an analyst will first calculate the fair value of a stock using a valuation model, for example, the Constant Dividend Discount Model. Then he will divide.

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  1. Step 3 - Calculate the Transaction Multiple Valuation. There are three multiples that you need to consider while looking for similarities in previous transactions. These multiples may not give a very accurate picture of the business, but these multiples will be conclusive enough to make a decision. EV/EBITDA: This is one of the most common acquisition multiples financial analysts use. The.
  2. Firm Valuation Using Market Multiples. There is a number of different market multiples that can be used for a quick valuation of the company. Some are relatively universal such as Price to Earnings ratio (P/E) and can be used in most sectors of the economy whereas others are more sector-specific such as EV/Proven Reserves used in the oil & gas industry
  3. For example, EV/ (EBITDA−CapEx) multiples are often used to value capital intensive businesses like cable companies, but would be inappropriate for consulting firms. To figure out which multiples apply to a business you are considering, try looking at equity research reports of comparable companies to see what analysts are using
  4. Let's say the multiple is two. If the earnings of the business are $900,000, the multiples of earnings calculation mean the business may be valued for sale at $1,800,000. There are some national standards, depending on industry type and business size
  5. Example Business Valuation with EBITDA Multiple We are looking to purchase a majority stake (75%) in a manufacturing business, focusing on car parts. The first thing we do is get their financials over the last few years and normalize those
  6. Although a 10% deviation between the derived value and the actual market capitalisation of Sanofi-Aventis can be considered as huge when considering share price performance, CMM is highly sensitive to the selection of the sample and the average multiples. A difference in a decimal point in a high-weight multiple can have a large impact on the final value of the company

Business Valuation Multiples..... 21 Table 7. Business Value Estimation using Multiples.. 22 Table 8. Business value estimation using Rules of Thumb..... 23 Table 9. Seller's Discretionary Cash Flow calculation.. 25 Table 10. Business Valuation Factors selection.. 26 Table 11. Conclusion of Business Value.. 28 Table 12. Business Sale assumptions.. 32. 4 Created by ValuAdder. In profit multiplier, the value of the business is calculated by multiplying its profit. For example, if your company's adjusted net profit is $100,000 per year, and you use a multiple like 4, then the value of the business will be calculated as 4 x $100,000 = $400,000 For example, let's assume that an EV to net sales valuation multiple you calculated by analyzing small capitalization public companies is 1.5. Applying a DLOM of 40% to this number gives you a private company valuation multiple of 0.9. Calculating valuation multiples from guideline public companies: the procedure. To sum up, you can calculate a set of highly relevant valuation multiples for. Most equity valuations on Wall Street are relative valuations. • Almost 85% of equity research reports are based upon a multiple and comparables. • More than 50% of all acquisition valuations are based upon multiples • Rules of thumb based on multiples are not only common but are often the basis for final valuation judgments Price multiples serve an important purpose in providing a static and forward glance at a stock's valuation. The multiples are used to compare present and future (forecasted) valuation multiples of.

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Multiples Valuation Example Want to value the stock of Shenzhen Investment. Multiples valuation example want to value the stock. School City University of Hong Kong; Course Title DEPARTMENT CB3410; Type. Notes. Uploaded By DoctorPuppyPerson1398. Pages 52 This preview shows page 40 - 52 out of 52 pages.. SaaS valuation multiples can be confusing but in the investing video below I will explain how to calculate churn, retention, gross profit margins, LTV, CAC and ARPU for any company — not just sexy tech stocks. Private & Public (Stock Market) SaaS Valuation Explained . Total Users = Last year's users + new ones. Let's start at the top. Total users. Most SaaS companies will tell you how. Equity Valuation Using Multiples sample. 1. Introduction In this study we examine the proximity to stock prices of valuations gener-ated by multiplying a value driver (such as earnings) by the corresponding multiple, where the multiple is obtained from the ratio of stock price to that value driver for a group of comparable firms. While multiples are used extensively in practice, there is. Over the years, valuation experts have distinguished patterns in the selling price of businesses and financial ration of relevant groups. These patterns, industry specific multiples, determine the current value of a company. Industry specific multiples are the techniques that demonstrat

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Here, we are looking only at the business value so these surplus assets have to be deducted. The figures for all the companies that I am taking here as an example are shown in the image below. OK. So now I have the EV and all I need to do is find out the ratio of EV to Sales and EV to EBITDA. With that, I arrive at the multiples for each. Key multiples from our example: 5. Determine valuation and output. Use the key financial numbers from the company you wish to value. For example, if your company had sales of 100 million in the last twleve months (LTM), this would imply an Enterprise Value of 50 million (0.5 x 100) in our example. If your company made an EBITDA of 10 million (LTM), this implies an Enterprise Value of 54. There are many ways to value a company, discounted cash flows, dividend discount models, value ratios, price multiples, and many more. In today's post, we are going to discuss the enterprise multiple. This multiple includes the enterprise value of a company and a different measure of its revenue. Using the enterprise multiple is a reasonably easy way to value the company, and it includes. For example, the price to earnings ratio is volatile compared to the price to sales ratio which is less sensitive to economic changes. The multiple revenues is widely used today hence it is important to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the multiple revenues. Option Trading and the Future of Option Alpha with Option Alpha's Kirk Du Plessis. ValueWalk's Raul Panganiban interviews.

In our valuation ­multiples ­how ­high ­is­ too ­high technical update, we had spoken about the P/E multiple. Here, we will discuss enterprise value multiples. We will begin by establishing what drives value for a company. We will then see how these drivers are linked to multiples. Linking value drivers to multiples can give insight about how to evaluate various corporate strategies and. The EBITDA multiples are based on a smaller sample size (the 2011 sample size is one!) so they should be understood in that context. It is also true that most of the companies in this sample seem to be investing heavily in sales and marketing to grow revenues at the expense of profits and the public markets seem to be accepting of that approach (given the valuations they are carrying). The. In this video I show how I use value multiples when analysing a company. I share a range of examples of multiple analysis' that I have used in stock valuatio..

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multiples of discretionary earnings while valuations for divorce or estate taes ill be based primarily on the equity sale scenario. n understanding and interpreting the value of a business, it is important to recognize that there are many dierent types and levels of value. The most common scenario involves the estimation of fair maret value on a going concern basis for the entire company, e.g. How to value a company using multiples For investors wanting to do a quick and dirty check on whether a firm is cheap or expensive, multiples can be helpful. As part of his short series on valuing. If the public multiple were 7.0 times revenue for example, then the average private ARR multiple would be 5.7 times. The 1.3 times revenue discount was derived from internal private SaaS company data and from 451 Group data based on hundreds of M&A events and fundraisings in 2014, 2015, and 2016. The private discount to public valuations is relatively constant over time. Building from there. 4 Company Valuation Examples. Company Valuation or Business Valuation is a process of estimating the economic value of an owner's interest in business. Generally, the market players who want to invest or withdraw their money in a company do this company valuation. This Business Valuation can also be used by business appraisers to resolve.

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Sample Questions for Valuation Fundamentals I. Single Answer Multiple Choice Questions Four answers are provided for each of the following assessment questions. However, only one is the BEST answer for each question. Please select the best answer (A, B, C or D). 1. Which of the following activities can increase cash flow from investing activities Con: The valuation multiples found in prior transactions typically include control premium and synergy assumptions, which are not public knowledge and are often transaction-specific. These assumptions are not always achievable by other market participants conducting a new transaction. Con: Precedent Transaction valuations are easily influenced by temporary market conditions, which fluctuate. Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner's interest in a business. Valuation is used by financial market participants to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive to effect a sale of a business. In addition to estimating the selling price of a business, the same valuation tools are often used by business appraisers to. Examples: Multiples Price/earnings Firm value/EBITDA P/E to growth Price/cash flow Generally, it is appropriate to use the multiples which are being used in the market. Check sell-side research reports Multiple Pros Cons Firm value/subscribers • Important telecom ratio • Good for more mature situations • Assumes same profitability for all comps • Difficult to use in high growth.

Valuations that are implied by public companies; and; Valuations that are disclosed from M&A activity. Be sure to compare apples to apples when applying these market multiples to determine the value of your business. For example, it would be incorrect to apply an EBITDA multiple to net earnings. Also, make sure to differentiate between equity. For example, if the total sales were $100,000 for last year, and the multiple for the particular business is 40 percent of annual sales, then the price based on the rule of thumb would be $40,000. Quite a few experts have said that revenue multiples are likely to be more reliable than earnings multiples. The reason is that most multiples of. And it is very important to do Sensitivity analysis on multiples; For Example: In the above example EBITDA expected for the year 2013 is $113 Million and EBITDA transaction multiple is 7x, Then, Terminal Value= EBITDA (2013)* Multiple =$113*7 =$791 Million. Using Multiples in valuation has certain advantages like Ease of use as it is based on market values and it provides a useful stage for.

Most valuations are done because of the legal and tax reasons private companies face. For example, a new partner is to be added on the partnership. The partnership conducts a valuation helping them in deciding the approval or the decline of the partner entry. Valuation report is essential in every business move. That is why it is important to. In this article, we will learn How to look up multiple instances of a value in Excel. Lookup values using the drop down option? Here we understand how we can look up different results using the INDEX function array formula. Just select the value from the list and the corresponding result will be there. Generic Formula {=INDEX(array,SMALL(IF(lookup_value=lookup_value_range,ROW(lookup_value. Previous valuation analyses: From these, we can compute what forward/estimated acquisition multiples were used. For example, if J.Crew was expected to have revenue of $2.5 billion in 2011, then we can assume that the 2011E EV/Revenue multiple for the transaction was 1.1x. This procedure can be repeated for each relevation transaction in the Peer Universe. Once this is completed, aggregate. Multiples Rather than trying to look at growth rates, many investors simply look at estimated forward earnings, then guess what fair multiple someone might pay for the stock. For example, suppose. Below, you'll find a few examples of how a valuation could be used. Purchase or sale: You may want to purchase or sell a business. To do so, you'll want to know what it's worth so you don't overspend as a buyer or undersell as a seller. Secure financing: You may need debt or equity financing for expansion or cash liquidity. Potential investors will want to see that the business has sufficient.

A value is typically determined as a multiple of EBIT or EBITDA. For cyclical businesses, an average EBIT or EBITDA over the course of a cycle is used rather than the amount in year n. When selecting a multiple, a normalized level should be used. In other words, an industry multiple should be applied which is adjusted to take into account cyclical variations, rather than applying a current. If the value is True (check mark), the multiple selection code does not run. No Duplicates in Cell On the SameCellNoDups sheet, there is an example where you are not allowed to select the same item twice in any of the cell This example shows how to perform lookup by testing two or more criteria in rows and columns. In fact, it's a more complex case of the so-called matrix lookup or two-way lookup with more than one header row. Here's the generic INDEX MATCH formula with multiple criteria in rows and columns: {=INDEX ( table_array, MATCH ( vlookup_value.

Bob Adams's Simple Valuation Guidelines. An extremely well-established and steady business with a rock-solid market position, whose continued earnings will not be dependent upon a strong management team: a multiple of 8 to 10 times current profits. An established business with a good market position, with some competitive pressures and some. In the example below, we set the multiple=multiple attribute on a Select2 control that also has tags: true enabled: Try entering a value that isn't listed in the dropdown - you'll be able to add it as a new option! Automatic tokenization. Select2 supports ability to add choices automatically as the user is typing into the search field. Try typing in the search field below and entering a. How to Value a Business Using Multiples of Earnings. Teaching business owners how to value a business is one of the primary goals of this website. For middle-market businesses (with business values in excess of $5,000,000), we provide a lot of information in regards to how to value a business using EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization). For main street. Price multiples valuation example (pdf) equity valuation using price multiples: evidence from india. Price multiple definition & example | investinganswers. Chapter 4 market-based valuation: price multiples. Comparable company analysis | street of walls. Amazon's $1,400 price target based on a reasonable valuation. Example 6: relative valuation across time price to sales multiples. Price.

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Bootstrap Multiselect - examples & tutorial. Responsive Multiselect built with the latest Bootstrap 5. Unlike a normal select, multiselect allows the user to select multiple options at once. Numerous examples of different variations - multiselect listbox, with checkboxes, search, buttons, icons, groups, text, disabled option, validation, and more Java switch Example. A simple example of the switch statement, where declaring variables with values and pass in switch express. If anyone of the case is matched then it will print the matched statement otherwise default value. A break keyword is required to stop code on the case For example, to count the occurrences of a text or numeric value based on a single or multiple conditions, you can use COUNTIF and COUNTIFS, respectively. To find out a sum of values based on the specified condition(s), use the SUMIF or SUMIFS functions. To calculate the average according to certain criteria, use AVERAGEIF or AVERAGEIFS IFRS 13 applies to IFRSs that require or permit fair value measurements or disclosures and provides a single IFRS framework for measuring fair value and requires disclosures about fair value measurement. The Standard defines fair value on the basis of an 'exit price' notion and uses a 'fair value hierarchy', which results in a market-based, rather than entity-specific, measurement

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For example the second entry in sheet Formulas, column A, we find value 2221A.jpg. The formulas in the adjacent cells look for the corresponding long codes in the second tab T02. No result is given. However, when you do a v-lookup for 2221A.jpg in sheet T02, column A, you find it without any problems, with the corresponding long codes next to it If you need to add multiple value into on single text box then you can use tag manager with typeahead js. In this example i use following files for css and js that way we can make simple example: 1) bootstrap.min.css. 2) bootstrap.min.js. 3) jquery.min.js. 4) tagmanager.min.css. 5) tagmanager.min.js. 6) bootstrap3-typeahead.min.js Valuation Multiple: A valuation multiple is a number or factor, that when multiplied by a measure of earnings, the result equals the total capital value of a company. Examples include 2 times annual revenue, or 6 times EBITDA. If for example, a company earns $200,000 per year in EBITDA, a multiple of 6x EBITDA indicates a total capital value of $1.2 million. EBIDTA: Earnings before. The valuation multiples are derived from actual business sales transactions as reported by BIZCOMPS®, with the primary focus on businesses priced at less than $1 million. The valuation multiple ranges provided in the report represent the midrange of the reported transactions for each industry. Sample report includes a complete list of all. Enterprise value multiple is the comparison of enterprise value and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. This is a very commonly used metric for estimating the business valuations. It compares the value of a company, inclusive of debt and other liabilities, to the actual cash earnings exclusive of the non-cash expenses. This ratio is also known as EV/EBITDA ratio.

To highlight numbers that are multiples of a another number with conditional formatting, you can use a simple formula based on the MOD function. In the example shown, the formula used to highlight multiples of 9 is: For example, the adjusted P value for proteins in the example data set is 0.042×(25/5)=0.210; the adjusted P value for white meat is the smaller of 0.041×(25/4) =0.256 or 0.210, so it is 0.210. In my opinion adjusted P values are a little confusing, since they're not really estimates of the probability (P) of anything. I think it's better to give the raw P values and say which are.

Here is another example of multiples: Fun Facts. 0 is a multiple of every number as the product of 0 multiplied by any number is 0. Let's sing! Let's find multiples of two and do a sing along. Two, four, six, eight and ten, the list is so long. Stop right there! Take note when I hit the gong! Multiples become bigger and bigger like King Kong! Let's do it! Instead of handing out math. MULTIPLE REGRESSION EXAMPLE For a sample of n = 166 college students, the following variables were measured: Y = height X We need to change the value to the missing value code, which is a period in Stata: replace momheight = . in 129 A case with height = 57 inches for a male. While unusual (4 ft, 9 inches) it is possible. Do not remove. A case with dadheight = 55 inches. Again this is very.

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BizBuySell's Business Valuation Report is a great tool for helping you value a business and determine an asking price. Small-business valuation is easy using our report Example: 10 is a multiple of 5, as 5 × 2 = 10 Example: 11 is not a multiple of 5. Learn more about Least Common Multiple. Multiples of Anything. We must multiply by an integer, but the number that is being multiplied can be anything

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Future Value Examples. There are two ways of calculating future value: Simple annual interest, or the interest added to the principal balance Annual compound interest, or the interest earned on interest. Simple interest is always based on the present value, whereas compounded interest means that the present value grows exponentially each year. The future value formula changes slightly. When narrowing down your list, you'll want to start with the values that came up multiple times during your brainstorming session. For example, perhaps five different team members came up with a value related to integrity. Group together similar values until you have a manageable number. Then work with your executive and HR teams to decide on which values are most important to the success of. payment, but encompass multiple payments and royalities, and require long-term cooperation. Value is created as the potential new drug becomes more likely to reach the market and revenue becomes a less distant hope. As each hurdle in the long research and development process is successfully overcome, the risk that the project will fail reduces. Consequently the value increases. The valuation. Examples - creating a multiple value prompt. When a report is run, you want your users to select one or more values. The following examples describe several ways you can do this. Prompt with a required minimum. Prompt with a required minimum with the data type specified. Optional prompt with the data type and default value specified Value statement examples . Slack, subtle and yet robust. Subtle but robust refers to an ability to be deceptively simple to use but with robust functionality. Consider the example of the Slack product. The world seems to be divided into two types of people; those who love Slack, and those who haven't tried it yet

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The valuation for our sample restaurant is $194,000 and calculated as follows. We have used a 25 cap rate or 4 times earnings multiple: Using this methodology is the most accurate method of establishing value for your restaurant. This value is based on earnings of a professionally managed business Table 2. Simple valuation model with 25% growth . In this case, the present value of a company with $1 million in profit this year, but a 25% growth rate, is actually worth over $9 million, or more than double the example with no growth. In this case, the price earnings multiple, or P/E ratio, is about 9

This tutorial will give you simple example of laravel validation unique on two columns. you will learn laravel validation unique two columns update. Here, i would like to show you how to use unique validation on multiple fields in laravel 6, laravel 7 and laravel 8 application. i will give you different way to adding unique validation with two. Sample: Pass multiple values to a web resource through the data parameter. 10/31/2017; 3 minutes to read; J; p; K; In this article. An (HTML) web resource page can only accept a single custom parameter called data.To pass more than one value in the data parameter, you need to encode the parameters and decode the parameters in your page If you try a few of these appraisal sites, you'll likely find that each one puts a completely different value on your business. For example, see this valuation tool's strange result: that http. We provide practical recommendations on which method may be used to adjust for multiple comparisons in the sample size calculation and the analysis of RCTs with multiple primary outcomes. We also discuss the implications on the sample size for obtaining 90% disjunctive power and 90% marginal power. We use simulation studies to investigate the disjunctive power, marginal power and FWER obtained. Examples - creating a multiple value prompt. When a report is run, you want your users to select one or more values. The following examples describe several ways you can do this. Prompt with a required minimum; Prompt with a required minimum with the data type specified; Optional prompt with the data type and default value specified ; Prompt that adds text before the syntax; Optional prompt.

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In the software sector, for example, companies often have higher growth rates and higher returns on equity. That means they can sell at larger P/E ratios. In the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2008-2009, technology stocks traded at low P/E ratios, because investors were scared. As the economy improved, investors began returning. By 2021, Fidelity estimated the industry-wide P/E average to. Given all these examples, you can see how the valuation of private companies is complex and often cannot be determined through the direct application of public company price/earnings ratios. Due. Multiple Image Upload in Laravel 8 Example. Multiple file uploading is a simple process of uploading more than one image at the same time. A user select files using the HTML file input field and upload multiple files/images in the storage. Laravel makes these multiple images uploading easy, and it also offers inbuilt methods to apply the file and image validation easy. I will shed light on the. WebDriver's support classes called Select, which provides useful methods for interacting with select options. User can perform operations on a select dropdown and also de-select operation using the below methods. User can also get the text of the values in the dropdown. Also can get the option which are selected by the user. To use these options, the Select Tag should hav Multiple linear regression is a model for predicting the value of one dependent variable based on two or more independent variables. FAQ Example. You are a public health researcher interested in social factors that influence heart disease. You survey 500 towns and gather data on the percentage of people in each town who smoke, the percentage of people in each town who bike to work, and the. <option value = WY >Wyoming</option> </ select > Select2 will register itself as a jQuery function if you use any of the distribution builds, so you can call .select2() on any jQuery selector where you would like to initialize Select2

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