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【For S17series】Common problems indicated by miner's kernel log and ways to resolve them 【For S9series】Common problems indicated by miner's kernel log and ways to resolve them; Hashrate showing ZERO; Antminer ASIC status showing X; Miner's hashrate is ZERO but it can be restored by rebootin Simple and effective troubleshooting and repair quick start, easy to learn even you have no repair basis. more miner repair tutorial in here:https://www.zeus.. po restartu do tovarniho nastaveni nedostane adresu od DHC Antminer S9 problems, help! only 1 hashing board works topic on the Bitcoin Forum. Click for fresh comments and more information Bitmain Antminer S9 Hashboard- und Fault/Normal-LEDs leuchten nicht. Caner; Vor 15 Stunden; Unerledigt; Caner. Anfänger. Punkte 5 Beiträge 2. Vor 15 Stunden #1; Liebe Community, wie im Titel beschrieben, funktioniert mein Miner nicht mehr. Der lief 1 Woche ohne Probleme, dann habe ich den Platz gewechselt, seit dem habe ich das Problem das er läuft, aber sich nicht verbindet mit den.

Antminer S9 Hacked! Had anyone this problem? Had anyone this problem? Last night around 2 AM I woke up to the sound of my Awesome miner alarms going off and when I checked to see what's happened, some of my S9's pool configuration has been changed. they seem to have only caught the ones with passwords unchanged Know your control board model and enable it to flash using the SD card. (See three types of control boards explanation below) Insert MicroSD card into computer and format to FAT32. Unzip the downloaded t9+-SD Tools.zip and copy the contents to the MicroSD card Firmware installed on Antminer S7 and S9 mining rigs was proposed as one of the potential reasons for the appearance of the unusual pattern. The disappearance of the pattern may suggest Antminer S9 hardware is coming offline Alternative firmware for Antminer S9, S9i, S9j. Firmware from mskminer.com is available for free download, but it has a development fee of 1.3% -2% (mining is not interrupted, the development fee works in parallel with the main mining). Firmware from Mskminer allows (at the same expense as the standard firmware from Bitmain) to get more computing power and extend the life of AntMiner by 5 times by setting each chip separately

Sie können 2 Standardnetzteile oder 3 Standardnetzteile (1600 W) für 2 Antminer verwenden - Sie sollten kein Hashboard an zwei verschiedene Stromquellen anschließen! Neue Entwicklungen: 1. Behebung der SSH-Sicherheitslücke (Dropbear) 2. S9 ssh ist standardmäßig ausgeschaltet! Das Standardkennwort für www und ssh wurde in root @ geändert. Dies wurde durchgeführt, um dem Eindringen von Viren entgegenzuwirken. Diese Firmware kann sofort im infizierten Netzwerk verwendet werden, ohne. The initial TF card data of the Antminer S9 test fixture is S9. When using this test device to test other miners' hash boards, you only need to replace the TF that matches the data. (TF program card is sold separately) The test fixture can help you quickly find the location of the bad chip on the hash board so that the miners can quickly repair it Sometimes you may get Socket connect failed: Connection refused on the Overview page of the Antminer S9. When it happens, it means the miner is trying to set its own frequency automatically (all the Antminer S9 produced after 2016-11-02 will set its own frequency automatically after powered on). In some cases, the miner will start mining automatically after a while and the socket error will go away Antminer S9 Signature Unlock Guide In this guide, we will show you how to perform signature unlock on A ntminer S9, S9i and S9j models. If you are using firmware from November 2019 or newer, you will not be able to upgrade your S9 ASIC to NiceHash Custom Firmware because Bitmain made a signature check that only allows official Bitmain firmware to be installed

Bitmain Antminer S9 HiveOS firmware, how to overclock Antminer S9. As we know very well hiveOS is one of the leading mining software and monitoring provider. It is very advanced and has a lot of features to modify and monitor mining rigs. If you don't know how to start using hiveOS we have installation guide here. They do support also Asic miner monitoring and control. Their software is very. Antminer S9 Monitoring and Alerting Application. One of the new Bitcoin miners I put into production last week had a problem. The fan stopped working after a little while, and it stopped hashing. The same thing happens when an Antminer overheats or has some other safety feature kick in that stops it from hashing Bitmain's AntMiner S9 represents a significant jump in efficiency from its predecessor, the S7. Hash density is 4x higher while efficiency increased 2.5x due to the use of new 16nm BM1387 chips. 189 chips in power efficient string design are used across 3 mining boards, which are cooled by two loud, powerful 120mm fans. The S9 is standalone does not require an external controller, but does not. Antminer S9 is an ASIC miner. ASIC stands for an application-specific integrated circuit. It is specific to solve-generate SHA-256 encryption keys. The chips that are the core of the miner are designed to do this kind of math. Inside of these mine.. ‎Antminer S9 Auslaufartikel (Produktion durch Hersteller eingestellt) ‎Nein Farbe ‎Silber Prozessormarke ‎Bitmain Prozessorgeschwindigkeit ‎650 MHz Prozessorkerne ‎189 Größe des Arbeitsspeichers ‎2 GB Speicher-Art ‎SDRAM Festplatteninterface ‎Ethernet 100Base-TX Watt ‎1372 Batterien enthalten ‎Nein Artikelgewicht ‎5 k

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  1. er Kaufen. Die Wahl des richtigen Ortes zum Kaufen von Crypto ist für Ihren Erfolg sehr wichtig. Einer der beliebtesten Orte zum Kauf von S9 Ant
  2. er S9 , 13,5TH - 20,0TH mit Firmwareupdate , Perfekter Zustand. EUR 299,00. 13 Gebote. EUR 30,00 Versand. Endet am Jun 14, 7:22PM MESZ. 1T 5Std. NEW - Ant
  3. er S9 is still profitable; A website has revealed the actual experience of a Bitcoin
  4. er S9 SE - 16TH/s Bitcoin Miner - in stock, Sofortversand bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel
  5. er s9 13.5th/s Used In Great Condition!! Power Supplies Included

S9 Antminer Stops Mining Issue - SOLVED by Bitmart. Hey there fellow Bitcoin Miners Bitmart now does Antminer Repairs. Firstly we are proud to announce that Bitmart.co.za is now a repair agent and retailer of Bitmain Components for the Antminer series of machines. You can check out our parts section if you want to order parts and do the repairs yourself here, or send us the machines to: 3. Liebe Community, wie im Titel beschrieben, funktioniert mein Miner nicht mehr. Der lief 1 Woche ohne Probleme, dann habe ich den Platz gewechselt, seit dem habe ich das Problem das er läuft, aber sich nicht verbindet mit den Hashboards. Einmal wurd Problem with Antminer s9, menu its empty Hi bought an Antminer s9 a few days ago, it worked fine for like 3 days, them it stops mining. When I try to enter in the ip address its empty, I mean I type root and root on username and password and it let me in but once inside its empty

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No. The S in the model name stands for SHA-256 (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and some others). And the 9 stands for not profitable (the model is too old, it can't compete with the new ones like the S19, you'll pay more for electricity than you'll.. I had same problem with one of my Antminer S9 sometimes 1 Board was getting 00000 Hashrate sometimes 2 boards stopped. First I thought it was power unit changed it but after a while same problem then while trying to fix miners i touched Metal Frame(Rig where miners stand) and a PSU and felt small electric current going threw me after what all miners that was standing on that metal rig wend. ANTMINER S9, S9i, S9j custom FIRMWARE (no Fee from mining!) for download. Antminer S9 is still profitable after Bitcoin Halving 2020. Download my Firmware fow Antminer S9 and you will have more efficient bitcoing S9 miners then anytime earlier. 1) DONATE ANY AMOUNT. Please donate any amount. It is all what you pay for it! This firmware is without any mining fee! BTC Adress for Donating. AntMiner S9/S9i/S9j 3.8.6. Release 3.8.6. This firmware is the best that there is at this time among the software for mining bitcoin on ASICs. It was originally developed in early 2017 for its own mining farms. Time-tested and installed on more than 1 500 000 BITMAIN AntMiners There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again. Latest commit . Git stats. 5 commits Files Permalink. Failed to load latest commit information. Type. Name. Latest commit message. Commit time. bmminer . scripts .gitmodules . README.md . antminer_firmware_xuw.tar.gz . bmminer870 . bmminer880 . bmminer890 . bmminer910 . bmminer920 . bmminer930 . bmminer940 . bmminer9v . View code.

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There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again. Latest commit. KarolNi imported S9例程和原理图.rar content f3cbc47 Nov 19, 2020. imported S9例程和原理图.rar content. f3cbc47. Git stats. 1 commit Files Permalink. Failed to load latest commit information. Type. Name. Latest commit message. Commit time. P01_HELLO . P02_GPIO . P03_SD_TEST . P04_SD_BOOT . AntMiner. The Antminer S9 has long been one of the most popular options for Bitcoin mining, and it is often the go-to option for miners who are just getting started, as well as those who want additional reliable machines for their setup.It is still a powerful miner, but it is important that the owners are taking proper care of the machines. Bitmain, the manufacturer of the Antminer machines, creates not. Thanks to ASIC BOOST, energy consumption is reduced by an average of 15% and increased productivity. Using custom software you will increase the profitability of the ASIC by 20% and higher. Each firmware has virus protection and overheating of your devices. In all firmware, the developer has donated 2% of the total hashrate . Home / ASIC Miner / Bitmain / Antminer / (3) Antminer S9 30TH Total W/ ASIC Boost Set @ 750Watt Per Unit | Includes 2400 Watt 200-240V Power Supply Kit. Sale! 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating 51. ( 1 customer review) $ 1,978.79 $ 986.79

Trying Out the Autotuning Function of Braiins OS+ on AntMiner S9 but that can help to ensure that you will not have problems caused by the miner reaching the limits of the PSU you are using. The result after leaving the auto-tuning to run a while on the miner showed the following result: 16.5-16.6 THS hashrate within the set power limit of 1500W and operating temperatures of the chips. Bitmain Antminer S9 SE Power Supply 1400w ASIC Miner PSU 80+ 94% Platinum Rated Efficiency 200-240V ONLY. The Delta/Dell 1850 Watt Bitmain Antminer S9 SE Power Supply kit is built using our X-adapter revision X11, 1 Delta/Dell 1400W PSU. Designed and tested to run in a 24/7/365 mining environment Bitmain Antminer S9 Bitcoin Miner, 0.098 J/GH Power Efficiency, 13.5TH/s: Amazon.ca: Computers & Tablets There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Pedro J Chiantera. 4.0 out of 5 stars Four Stars. Reviewed in Canada on November 3, 2017. Verified Purchase. It has worked perfect, but that it did not bring an intruccion manual. Read more. One person found this.

This is truouleshooting for Antminer common problems. Bitmain Antminer S9 temperature sensing files. Other offers may also be available.Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. A steady light means no connection to the server delivering work, a short blip means the device has found a difficulty one share for submission. Evolution of Antminer. The Antminer brand has a long history of providing the most reliable and power-efficient ASIC miners in the market. Launching the very first miner (Antminer S1) in 2013, every succeeding new miner which followed has delivered enhanced hash rates and power efficiency, mainly popularized by the Antminer S9. Antminers have.

Bitmain's engineering team understood the importance of every detail while working to make the power-efficient yet powerful Bitcoin miner. The Antminer S9i's control board employs the fast Dual ARM® Cortex®-A9 microprocessor with CoreSight™ and supports Gigabit Ethernet to ensure that mined blocks are submitted instantly Since the introduction of the Antminer S9, Vnish has become a leading mining software company. We have developed firmware for all popular antminer models and now we have started developing software for such equipment as Whatsminer, Innosilicon and Avalon. More than 1.5 million devices successfully work on our software and we are grateful to you for choosing us. Welcome to the Vnish family

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Each AntMiner S9 requires TEN 6-pin PCI-e connectors for 12V DC input (must be very stable power source). There are three hash boards that each require THREE 6-pin PCI-e power connectors and one additional 6-pin PCI-e power connector on the controller. All TEN 6-pin PCI-e power connectors are required. Do not connect more than one PSU to the same hash board to prevent possible damage and. Specifications Manufacturer Bitmain Model Antminer S9 (13.5Th) Release November 2017 Size 135 x 158 x 350mm Weight 4200g Chip boards 3 Chip name BM1387 Chip size 16nm Chip count 189 Noise level 85db Fan(s) 2 Power 1372W Wires 10 * 6pins Voltage 11.60 ~13.00V Interface Ethernet Temperature 0 - 40 °C Humidity 5 - 95 % Product information Product Dimensions 18 x 8 x 8 inches Item Weight 2.12. Menge: 20 werkseitig versiegelt / das Problem für die Antminer S9 Sie sich frei, Neu und Stück. Qualitativ hochwertig. Speicher, VGA-Schnittstelle + PCIE16X Bildkartensteckplatz, DDR3. geben Sie bitte mSATA2.0 Festplattenschnittstelle 【TOP + 1 x und Speicherplatz】1 DDR3SODIMM Sie es brauchen, liefern kann. Stromversorgung: geführt, dass sich eine ruhige Leistung eine stabile Spannung.

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Top Zustand - läuft super und ohne Probleme. Abzugeben wegen Neuanschaffung. Originalverpackung.. . Versand möglich. 1.200 € 10713 Wilmersdorf. 27.10.2020. Bitmain Antminer S9 14TH/s 098W/GH 16nm. Bitmain Antminer S9 14TH/s 098W/GH 16nm abzugeben, sehr guten Zustand, wenig genutzt. Versand möglich. 300 € VB 41061 Mönchengladbach. 27.10.2020. Antminer S17 Pro. Verkaufe wegen. Antminer V9 BRAND NEW. 583,15 EUR. 116,63 EUR de frais de livraison. Suivi par 15 personnes. SPONSORISÉ. Bitmain antminer D3 19.3 Gh/s. Dash, X11 + PSU 1600W. 449,00 EUR. 50,00 EUR de frais de livraison

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BTC BCH Miner Liebe Core A1 Miner Aixin A1 25T Mit NETZTEIL Wirtschafts Als Antminer S9 S11 S15 S17 t9 + T15 T17 WhatsMiner M3X,Kaufen Sie von Verkäufern aus China und aus der ganzen Welt Profitieren Sie von kostenloser Lieferung, limitiere Genießen Sie Kostenloser Versand weltweit! begrenzte Zeit Verkauf einfache Rückkeh Antminer S9 Bitcoin Sofort Verfügbar Neu Netzteil Immediately No Scam Zahlungsmittel Generieren. Eines der ersten Dinge, die Sie wissen müssen, wenn Sie lernen, Bitcoins zu sprechen, ist, wie man eine Brieftasche herstellt. Das ist ziemlich einfach zu tun. Alles, was Sie brauchen, ist ein Konto mit einem virtuellen Geldverarbeitungsnetzwerk wie Bitpay oder PayDotCom, einer Internetverbindung. Serie (S9/S9I/S9J) verwendet Sie so schnell Scooter Platine, wenn die Antminer S9 Ohne diesen Test wäre ich nie auf den Testsieger gestoßen. Mit dem nächsten Vorhaben schaue ich definitiv ein weiteres mal bei dieser Online-Präsenz vorbei Sodass Sie zuhause mit Ihrem Downgrade antminer s9 am Ende in jeder Hinsicht zufrieden sind, hat unsere Redaktion auch eine große Liste an unpassenden Produkte im Vornherein aus der Liste geworfen. Bei uns sehen Sie als Kunde wirklich ausnahmslos die qualitativsten Produkte, die unseren enorm strengen Qualitätspunkten gerecht werden konnten. Samsung Galaxy S9 interner Speicher, 4GB RAM. High Temp Fan Bitmain Antminer T9 S1 S3 S5 S7 S9 A3 D3 L3 V9 120 mm Zwischen den ausfindig gemachten Vergleichen hat der heutige Testsieger die beste Note erhalten. Der Bitmain Antminer Produktvergleich hat erkannt, dass die Qualität des analysierten Produkts unser Team besonders herausgestochen hat

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Meinungen von Anwendern über Antminer s9 pro. Um auf jeden Fall sagen zu können, dass die Wirkung von Antminer s9 pro auch in der Praxis stark ist, können Sie sich die Resultate und Fazite zufriedener Personen auf Internetseiten anschauen.Forschungsergebnisse können lediglich selten als Hilfe genutzt werden, denn generell werden diese nur mit verschreibungspflichtigen Arzneien gemacht Buy antminer - Der Vergleichssieger . Unser Team hat im großen Buy antminer Test uns die besten Produkte verglichen sowie die brauchbarsten Eigenschaften angeschaut. Das Team testet diverse Faktoren und verleihen dem Testobjekt am Ende eine finale Note. Der Gewinner konnte im Buy antminer Vergleich sich gegen die Konkurrenz behaupten. Um Ihnen die Entscheidung wenigstens ein klein wenig. I had same problem with one of my Antminer S9 sometimes 1 Board was getting 00000 Hashrate sometimes 2 boards stopped. First I thought it was power unit changed it but after a while same problem then while trying to fix miners i touched Metal Frame(Rig where miners stand) and a PSU and felt small electric current going threw me after what all miners that was standing on that metal rig wend. So far the L3 seems to have no problem starting and stopping, but whilst the S9 stops mining ok, it seems to prefer a reboot to start mining again. The fans keep going all the while so there's no let up of noise unfortunately but you can stop things overheating if it's looking a bit too hot, without having to muck about with mains switches which may be in inconvenient locations. I'm. Buy the Bitcoin mining machine Antminer-s9 and start producing bitcoins at home with one year warranty. It has greater computing power and solve mathematical issues. AS the demand of this machine increases the price also fluctuates. so, don't miss the opportunity to buy this machine before its price hikes. bitcoin mining but antminer s9 antminer s9 profit s9 bitcoin miner price antminer.

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Bitmain Antminer S9 - official firmware available with overclocking capability at 2TH/s Details Created: Thursday, 06 June 2019 04:30 ASIC Bitmain Antminer S9 for mining Bitcoin cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular models. It was produced for more than two years, and in addition to this, the life cycle of the S9 fell on the mining. Problem z koparką Antminer S9. 2 posts • Page 1 of 1. zzuullll. Początkujący Posts: 1 Joined: 2019 8:40 pm. Reputacja postu: 0. Napiwki za post: 0 BTC. Problem z koparką Antminer S9. Post by zzuullll » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:49 pm . Dzień dobry dzisiaj zauważyłem usterkę mojej koparki. Proszę o pomoc czy mogę jakoś to naprawić czy cała płyta jest do wymiany i co oznaczają te. AntMiner s9/s9i/s9j прошивка от mskminer.com подходит ко всем моделям. Первая кастомная прошивка с AsicBoost S9 экономит до 250Вт на пулах поддерживающих технологию AsicBoost (slushpool, antpool, btc.com, emcd.io, f2pool и других). Дизайн выполнен максимально. Firmware - Big Miner. I am C++, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Pascal and Linux programmer and miner also. My goal is to improve the profitability of all available miners equipment. Write me what type of miner do you have and I will send you an improved firmware for it! All of my firmware are not original

Problem with Antminer chip fixture test - Hashboard S9 Repair. bitcointalk.org 2021-05-04. I have been using a tester that I bought to find out which chips are faulty from the Hashboard S9. But it turns out that the controller was damaged. The controller is from a V9 machine, I have a replacement but when I put the SD card to do the test I get no results. I would like to know if I have to do. For Antminer Repair Tin Tool S9 S9J T9+ Hash Board Miner Chip Plate Tin Fixture. Description: High quality and brand new. S9 S9J T9+ 1387 Tin fixture. Take down the chip to heat after hanging the Solder paste. Environmental-friendly and lead free solder paste. Solder paste requires high temperature while using The AntMiner S9k is Bitmain's newest version in the AntMiner S9 series. It boasts a state-of-the-art BM1387 custom-made chip using 16nm expertise. With BM1387 chips, the AntMiner S9 hits a. Antminer S9-13TH/s; Antminer L3+, 504MH/s; Antminer T9+ 10.5T; Antminer D3; Antminer V9, 4TH/s; Antminer X3,Batch 1,2 & 3; Antminer A3; Antminer R4 ; Antminer Hosting Services. Why You Should Choose Antminer Colocation . If you, like so many others, are searching for a cryptocoin miner host, then you probably know how difficult it can be to find just the right company that can help give you. ATTENTION : Firmware is suitable for all asik Antminer S9, S9i, S9j. MAIN FEATURES: The overall stability. Added choice between full restart of asik and restart only Gmeiner in tune. In addition to automatic inspection system for viruses, Added manual inspection and treatment in the section Security, including a new virus AntBuild

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All Categories in South Africa. 6 Photo (s) 2x Almost New Bitmain Antminer S9i Bitcoin Asic Miners. Clean and efficient with power supplies. R 14,500. They are running on hive os firmware doing 15th/s can be overclocked to 17.5th/s. Check pictures and video for more. R14500 one and R27500 for both 2.This are s9i, more powerful than normal s9. Antminer S9 Excellent shape 13.5TH/s with PSU.. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class.Most popular miner for Bitcoin mining. Including cable for any household 110V socket. Setup instructions also included. Only Paypal for payment and only ship in the US.Cannot accept returns. I used it and had no problems at all Bitmain Antminer D3/L3+/S9 - Remote Command Execution EDB-ID: This was meant to draw attention to the fact that this was not a Google problem but rather the result of an often unintentional misconfiguration on the part of a user or a program installed by the user. Over time, the term dork became shorthand for a search query that located sensitive information and dorks.

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Antminer S9 For Sale at Discount price Only $499. The antminer s9 for sale is a fast speed mining networking system and easy to create a complete setup with the help of this website. This site advances high profits to its clients in the United states, large number of miners and investors are using this website and satisfied with its services Antminer Alluminium S9 (Silver): Amazon.in: Industrial & Scientific . Skip to main content.in. Hello Select your address There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Mn Sn. 1.0 out of 5 stars Read before buying this product. Reviewed in India on 16 June 2018 . Well guyz ots not about the vendor but product. This is not worth of buying it now because now it is. Antminer S9 16 TH APW3++ PSU 100A Bitcoin BITMAIN Miner Tested Tune Mod Fast 4.5 out of 5 stars (27) 27 product ratings - Antminer S9 16 TH APW3++ PSU 100A Bitcoin BITMAIN Miner Tested Tune Mod Fas Bitmain S9 Miner High-marge Antminer S9j 14,5 T 13,5 T S9i S9 Antminer S9 Mit Netzteil , Find Complete Details about Bitmain S9 Miner High-marge Antminer S9j 14,5 T 13,5 T S9i S9 Antminer S9 Mit Netzteil,Antminer S9,Bitmain S9 S9j S9i,Antminer S9 Mit Netzteil from Blockchain Miners Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Yunhai Online Technology Co., Ltd

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  1. er S9 L3 D3 Alimentation APW3++ PSU en Stock 1200 W @ 110 V 1600 W @ 220 V. 3,6 sur 5 étoiles 12. €249,00 € 249, 00. Bitmain AntMiner A3 815Gh/s (Blake2b/SiaCoin) avec Alimentation APW3++ 2 offres à partir de 520,00 € Bitmain AntMiner s 5 1155 Gh/s Station de
  2. er S9 in Pakistan. Bitcoin Ant
  3. er S9 13.5 TH/s w/psu !BULK ORDER DISCOUNT! I want to purchase large order of AntMiner s9 with PSU. $1,300.00 14,000.0 GH/s. This new batch delivers a hash rate of 13.5TH/s and the same efficiency of .098J/GH
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YUNHUI Neueste Bitcoin Miner AntMiner V9 4TH/S BTC Miner Asic Miner Besser Als Antminer S5 S7 T9 + s9 S9i WhatsMiner M3 Ebit E9,Kaufen Sie von Verkäufern aus China und aus der ganzen Welt Profitieren Sie von kostenloser Lieferung, limitiere Genießen Sie Kostenloser Versand weltweit! begrenzte Zeit Verkauf einfache Rückkeh Funktionsfähiger Bitmain Antminer S9 13.5T 13.5 Th/s Alles Chips 100% Funktionsfähig, Betrieb erfolgte in klimatisierten Rechenzentrum. Modifizierter Firmware, mehr als 13,5 Th/s möglich wenn gewollt Original Netzteil ist inkludiert. Dies ist ein Privatverkauf, KEINE Garantie, KEINE Rücknahme oder Gewährleistung จำหน่ายเครื่องขุดบิทคอยน์ AntMiner S9 D3 L3+ Minerberg. 1.3K likes. จำหน่าย ขายเครื่องขุดบิทคอยน์ AntMiner S9 Devbitcoin ลงทุนครั้งเดียว รับรายได้ตลอดไป.. NiceHash QuickMiner. Start mining in less than 60 seconds and earn money with your PC now! We have prepared a simple tryout tool called NiceHash QuickMiner for you to try mining for the first time! No registration needed Guten tag, Zurzeit bin ich auf der suche nach einem Sponsor für den S9 Antminer inkl Netzteil, mehr dazu hier Im gegen Zug für den Miner inkl netzteil, Biete ich euch 300 Tage Lang Den Gewinn an (leicht vhb) da ich zurzeit keinen Storm zahle, kommt es perfekt für euch, Gerne auch 2-3 Miner nach dem Die 300Tage um sind, Falls Interesse bestehen sollte, bitte ich darum, mich Per Pn zu.

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Antminer S9i + S9 /14TH/ s inkl. PSU S9 ASIC 13x Technische Daten - Antminer S9 /S9i 13.5 Th/s - PSU APW3++ 1200W Antminer S9 13.5 Th/s Specifications: 1 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bitmain Antminer S9 13.5 THs Bitcoin BTC ASIC Miner - Incl. 1600W 240V - PSU at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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  1. How to disassemble APW9 PSU from S17/S17Pro. Bitmain Support posted a video to playlist Bitmain Support | Troubleshooting.. April 25, 2019 at 7:30 PM · ·
  2. er S9 14Ths. 9.672.355 Angebote. Günstig kaufen und gratis inserieren auf willhaben - der größte Marktplatz Österreichs
  3. er S9 À Berlin. Les entreprises utilisent des médias sociaux pour la communication ces jours-ci. Comme davantage de sociétés comptent sur des ressources externes et des employés, ils ont facilité la gestion de la communication. Ils ont besoin de savoir ce qui se passe au sein de leur propre organisation ou de ce que quelqu'un d'autre à l'intérieur est à la.
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Btc Rigs Antminer S11 (20Brand New AntMiner S9 13Tutorial: General Mining Guide & TroubleShooting forPossible problems and solutions for S7, S9 (fixed
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