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Trading Pairs: ZEN:RUB and ZEN:USDT Trading is open starting July 30th. Founded in 2018, WhiteBIT is a professional digital asset trading platform th WhiteBIT is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange ⇒ The best cryptocurrency exchange Reliable and secure platform ⇒ Cryptocurrency trading on an exchange A trading platform with such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc

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Financial industry participants meet market capitalization of assets daily. Newbies, in turn, see in the market cap just the amount next to the crypto ticker, and professionals know how this amoun WhiteBIT is in the top 50 exchanges on CoinMarketCap and the top 100 exchanges on CoinGecko. The exchange has also been available on TabTrader since 2019. As of January 2020, WhiteBIT has 106 trading pairs that include both crypto and fiat currencies (USD, EUR, UAH, and RUB). WhiteBit Cryptocurrency Exchange main features are - Launch of Vital Token - Listing on PancakeSwap - Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko - Listing on Whitebit - Charity Partnerships - First round of donations. 01. Q3 2021 Donations & Partnerships - Influencer collaboration to expand growth - Partnership with Charites & Foundations - Initial donations - Vital staking pools - NFT's distributed to holders - Second round of donations. 02. Q4. We are now listed on CoinMarketCap! Thanks AGAIN to everyone who has stuck with us from the very beginning #Mello #Mellotoken #altcoin #cmc #crypto . 25. 11. 12. 3. WHITEBIT LISTING THIS MONDAY - APRIL 12th With Mello being less than 3 weeks old... the team is proud to announce that the Mello Token will be officially listed on Whitebit on April 12th! #WhiteBit is a licensed. LAPIS token is listed on Whitebit Exchange Virtualisation with NFT marketplace If you are interested, we encourage you to join our official Telegram, where real-time updates are given on how you may be rewarded for contributing to the cause

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PROBIT and whiteBIT Listings Confirmed. Home » PROBIT and whiteBIT Listings Confirmed. Previous Next View Larger Image; IT'S HAPPENING! We have officially confirmed exchange listings with both ProBit and Whitebit. Trading will be going live in the next handful of days. Stay tuned! By CreamPYE Protocol | 2021-05-09T20:29:23+00:00 May 9th, 2021 | Listings, News | 3 Comments. Share This Story. Compare the best Finance software that Integrates with CoinMarketCap of 2021 for your business. Find the highest rated Finance software that Integrates with CoinMarketCap pricing, reviews, free demos, trials, and more CoinMarketCap . Trade SNBL . ROADMAP. 2021 Product Roadmap. We begin with contract deployment, building the website, setting up socials, pancakeswap listing, followed by launching marketing, organising AMA session, listing submission (CMC, CGC, Livecoinwatch and etc), obtaining donations for WhiteBit listing, and finally establishing a Legal Entity. The next phase, SafeNebula will focus on.

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Exchange Listing WhiteBit Binance, CEX etc. Q3. 2021 Q3. 2021 Q4. The next step. Work on Apps; Establish R&D Office in UK; Grow Dev team ; Set up code academy ; Q4. 2021 Q4. Burn Protocol. We will be burning 33% of 33Banshee at intervals as we grow and expand the community and brand milestones e.g CoinMarketCap Listing etc. NFT Artists (Music, Dance, Art) In support of worldwide artists, we. CoinMarketCap application submitted. PHASE 3: List on multiple exchanges such as: WhiteBit, XT.com, Blockfolio Initiate global marketing strategy through Social media marketing and Billboard/public ads Relaunch merchandise store. PHASE 4: TBD. DONATION WALLET. Care to help us with our Donations? Feel free to donate any amount using these various currencies. If you have a. CoinMarketCap Listing. June - 2021. Major Influencer Partnerships. Other Major CEX Listings. Exchange/Wallet Platform. July - 2021. StockTwits Listing. WhiteBit Listing. Website Improvements. Community Livestreams. Portal. Coming Soon. About. Our team is developing what we think will be the Robinhood of Alt Coins. One of the largest issues facing the Alt Coin market today, is the barrier. CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. May. Release App prototype Acquire listing on CoinsBit. May. Acquiring LLC Setting up first office in The Netherlands. June. Acquiring Listing on WhiteBit Releasing App Beta. June. Finalizing partnerships with construction firms. Releasing application. First team meeting in The Netherlands. July. Start hiring content creators to record new instructional material. CoinMarketCap listing. Whitebit listing. 2nd Gen WAIFU NFTs. Voting on new community activities. Expand WAIFU team. Website visual and content update. Expand social media presence . Commence monthly donations CHARITY. Anime has been a spark of joy in many of our lives, helping us deal with our personal problems. Be it mental health, stress, depression or insecurities - Anime has been a place.

Initial supply: 100 000 000. 5% burn function on every transaction. 5% redistributed to holders on every transaction. 1% in teams wallet. 100% of liquidity locked (with Unicrypt) Unicrypt Coinmarketcap Listing. 六月 June 2021. Poocoin listing Update roadmap July & August Marketing campaign Merchs Audit by HashEx. 七月 July 2021. Marketing Team expansion Connect with influencers Whitebit listing Team expansion NFTs. Feel free to join us on our social accounts ! BUY YUKINU. Multiple Price Listings such as Coinmarketcap and Coinbase, Coingecko, Blockfolio; Build new website; Multiple AMA's including whitebit; Branded Merchandise; HOGE mini-games; Centralized Exchange Listings: WhiteBIT, BKEX, Bilaxy; Decentralized Exchange Listings: Uniswap, BambooRelay, 1inch; Certik Security Audit part 1/2; Non-stop meme generation ; Donations to animal rescues, such as. AMA RAVEN X : WHITEBIT DATED: MAY 12, 2021Host (H): AnastasiaRAVENXDEV (D): RavenX Anastasiia:Hello everyone! — We have temporarily muted the group for. May 12, 2021 Updates. Updates on the 11th May 2021 Tomorrow we will have another AMA, this time in the whiteBIT Telegram. It's on the 12th May at 2 PM UTC! Additionally, because . May 11, 2021 RavenX. The story of Raven X There have been a. NCAT Token is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. We continue to build based on community self governance

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Coinmarketcap: 10th of June . Coingecko: 20th of June . Bitlaxy:TBC. Whitebit: 25th of June . Donations: 10,000$ Donated by the 1st of July. 3 Month Milestone: Giveaway and 1st Community led charity donation . See More. Under Doge. May 17 at 8:13 PM · Our Mission. Under Doge is a 100% community driven DeFi token, fairly launched by avoiding any early access, pre-mining or. List on CoinMarketCap, Coin Gecko, Whitebit & Bitmart Get our Smart Contract edited Initial marketing push Competitions Beginning of the architecture of our app. Growing. PHASE 3. 10% total supply burn More agressive marketing push Listing on established exchanges (i.e. Binance) Beginning of a secret new mission Partnerships Creation of charity projects and community votes Possible website.

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  1. Coinmarketcap Enlistment; Coingecko Enlistment; Whitebit; AFTER ROADMAP: We will now focus in the world of social media, to greatly increase our investors, such as: Twitter; Reddit; 4Chan; Facebook; Youtube (Video Promotionals) TikTok; AMAs (Ask me anything) Fairmars Team. Missed every token that launched into the moon? We know not everyone had the opportunity but wait Here's your chance.
  2. CoinMarketCap Listing; CoinGecko Listing; Blockfolio Listing; WhiteBit Listing; Partnership With Charity Organisations; More Donations; Q4. Launch Official Infiniti Merch Store; Major Influencer Partnerships; Other Major CEX Listings; Partnership With Charity Organisations; Launch Our Our NFT; So Much More.. Download a crypto wallet that supports BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) such as Trust.
  3. ILGON is a fresh, green and super efficient Ethereum-based, centralized blockchain system for consumer, business and educational blockchain users. Our development is ready to handle your own tokens, coins, offchain storages, smart and staking contracts, and various dApps. ILGON is a green ecosystem: it works without high energy consumption with.

Step-by-Step Guide: Visit the Minereum airdrop page. Submit your ETH address. You will get your genesis address with 32,000 MNE coins when Minereum V2 is launched. The genesis address will self mine MNE coins. Each genesis addresses self mine approximately 1.84 MNE per day. You can claim as many times as possible using different ETH addresses We've been working hard making sure we appear EVERYWHERE! Only been 24 hours since release. BTW BIG NEWS coming tomorrow. Stick around! #KimJongMoon @CoinMarketCap #CoinGecko #WhiteBit #BoggedFinance #Bilaxy #SafeMoo

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CoinMarketCap; Blockfolio; Exchange. Bitmart; Whitebit; The Organization. The money we earn with this project will be donated to Surfrider Foundation so they can use the money for cleaning the sea. We will donate every 2 weeks, the amount of the donation depends on the progress of CleanTheSea. Proof of the donations can be found on our website and social pages! FAQ. How do I buy CleanTheSea. -- CoinMarketCap. Submit to Exchanges-- WhiteBit-- BitMart. Phase 2. Release the Smart Ticket System on clubfuncoin.com. Merchandise sales through CFC. Approach artists interested in collaborating for first ticket sales. Targeted promotions on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Submit to Major Exchanges-- KuCoin-- Binance . Phase 3. Approach larger venues. Market the Smart Ticket System to the.

  1. Congratulations! You have found the Coto Token ICO Launchpad and you are one of the early token buyers for the top crypto project of 2021. After all phases has completed, the token will be deposited to all investors as well as listed on multiple crypto exchangers for the price of$0.02 After that the market will take over the valuation and the fun begins
  2. g live on whitebit.com on 10th April 2020! STAY AT HOME, TRADE, LEARN, EARN, and ENJOY! #coinmarketcap #coingecko #coincheckup #snb #synchrobitcoin #synchrobit #synchrobitcoin #btc #usdt #trade #bitcoin. SNB price.
  3. Listing on coinmarketcap Website . Q3. Launching the Dapp Moonshuttle.yield Listing on the exchange Whitebit Listing on the exchange Bitmart. Q4. Listing on the exchange Binance Moonshuttle.yield will add more staking coins on the platform. To the Moon! The main projects of Moonshuttle will be done and we will start scaling these projects. Aside from the main burn-events which will take place.
  4. Pitbull is a self-staking token that had its ownership renounced and given to the community upon its creation. Created on March 17, 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain network with contract renounced and Liquidity burnt in its creation, Pitbull has grown into a fully functional, decentralized, 100% community-driven project
  5. -CoinMarketCap.com-Coingecko.com-Blockfolio.com-Binance.com (TOKEN LOGO APPROVAL) May 20th, 2021. Centralized Exchanges. As growth occurs we plan to Reach out and list our CryptoMoonSwap Token on:-WhiteBit-BitMart-Bitfinex-GateIO-LaToken-CryptoCom (Future)-Kucoin (Future)-Binance (Future) NEXT: Reputation Growth. July through August 2021. Phase 4 . Production of our first Decentralized.
  6. Crypto B Vision. 117 likes · 3 talking about this. Crypto B Vision uses basic chart analysis and proven technical analysis for beginners. We also deliver up-to-date news, moonshots and costly scams

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Crypto B Vision. 114 likes. Crypto B Vision uses basic chart analysis and proven technical analysis for beginners. We also deliver up-to-date news, moonshots and costly scams Crypto B Vision. 113 likes. Crypto B Vision uses basic chart analysis and proven technical analysis for beginners. We also deliver up-to-date news, moonshots and costly scams

Web site created using create-react-app. Meet the founder. Hi, my name is Chung, I'm a serial entrepreneur. I had owned multiple struggling businesses and turned them around since I was 19 DOWNLOAD METAMASK (chrome extension, appstore etc.); BUY OR TRANSFER BNB (In Metamask or other crypto wallet); CLICK THIS BUTTON; SWAP BNB FOR RPS (Confirm with. Listed in CoinMarketCap; Listed in CoinGecko; Audited by Techrate and applied in other institutions; Already on Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap; Top 3 Cryptocurrency on CoinHunt; 21K+ Holders - Low Cap; 23K+ TG Members; 23K+ Twitter Members; 30+ fellow comrades working inhumanly hours to make you prosper; = Upcoming = Blockfolio & Whitebit Exchange. All applied, coming Soon! More Paid Ads on. You can trade NCAT on Pancake Swap and WhiteBit. Need Help? How to buy on Pancake Swap ; Tokenomics . 1M NCAT = $0.0101. Holders. 63,228. MarketCap. $9.196M. Total Supply. 1,000T NCAT. 89.490T NCAT Burned . 910.510T NCAT in Circulation . 8.95% (View Burn Tx) Features . NCAT Roadmap . NCAT TOKEN. NCAT Token is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. We continue to build based on community.

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21 May 2021 / by / in Uncategorized is coinmarketcap saf Coingecko and CoinMarketCap Listing Plan. Listing on Hotbit Probit Whitebit other Exchanges. Partnership for the future EcoSystem. Q3 2021. Having Own Bee Farm Colony. Price soar higher than other token. Global holders reach over 100,000. Our team set-up and commercial preparation. Q4 2021 . Constructing the Honey Factory. Payment Partnerships. JollyBee APP. Powered by a Team TEAM. THE. CoinGecko Listing CoinMarketCap Listing StockTwits Listing WhiteBit Listing Third Donation Community Livestreams WILLIE Merchandise release NFT auction Big Cameos + Influencer Marketing More Donations Major Influencer Partnerships Other Major CEX Listings Begin crowdfunding for mobile application ‍ DIGITAL Wave 4+ WILLIE app build Private beta to be released on invite only basis Modular. Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko; Listing on Whitebit; Phase 2 BaitCoin Exchange, Collaborations and Partnerships. Influencer collaboration to initiate NFT ticketing plan ; Partnership with Charities & Foundations; BaitCoin Exchange Development Start; BaitCoin App & Launchpad plans to be submitted for evaluation ; Start of Donations; Phase 3 BaitCoin App and NFTs. Launch of NFT Tickets. This is the first giveaway-centered, meme-based, reflective crypto token to be launching on the Binance Smart Chain. This meme is based off 'The Wolf of Wall Street', whereby the main character, Jordan Belfort, starts his journey through opening his own brokerage selling a penny-stock named Aerotyne International, which turned out to be a worthless company

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- Listing on CoinMarketCap. On April 23rd, 2021 we successfully submitted our application to CoinMarketCap to be listed on their platform. At this time they have been inundated with new coins, but have notified us that once our application will be processed we can be listed at any moment. ☐ - Launch NFT MarketPlace with PYE Pairing. Building an NFT marketplace that is driven by the. CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Probit and Whitebit exchanges are officially live with massive marketing push coming next. Over $390k donated to charity. Industry-disrupting technology backing the token. Looking for the next big thing? This is it. You may want to buckle up. 2021.06.01 07:36 twenty-sain Creampye (PYE). CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Probit and Whitebit exchanges are officially live. DOGCOIN is a community-focused, running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), decentralized cryptocurrency with instant rewards for holders. With every transaction, the supply will shrink while the liquidity pool size increases, providing a token value increase with a sustained price. 5% fee from each transaction distributed to all holders We also plan on applying to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Q3 2021 Partnerships. With the help of our community we aim to partner with exchanges such as WhiteBit. Q4 2021 NFT Launch. Here we will launch the anticipated MoonDoge NFTs. Plans around NFTs are not fully finalized yet, but they will utilize MoonDoge tokens in some way. Q1 2022 To the moon! If things go according to our plan, by now we.

Lepracoin is a fair and decentralised community-driven token, stealth launched on Pancakeswap. Initial liquidity provided for by small private sale - only 5% of supply. SECURE. Liquidity Locked for 4 months with LP generated with every trade and locked on Pancakeswap. The Dev burned all of his tokens prior to launch Get the Whitebit App and register an account. Step 2. Deposit USDT into your Whitebit account, from another exchange or existing crypto wallet. Step 3. Search for DEEZ in the Whitebit app and click buy! Step 1: Log into WhiteBIT Exchange. Go to whitebit.com. Log in with your existing whiteBIT account, or register a new account if you don't have one already. Once registered and logged in.

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How to Trade. 1. Log in to your account. 2. Hover over Trade, which you will find at the top of the screen. 3. Click either Basic or Advanced to view all of the current market details. If this is your first time trading, we recommend choosing Basic. 4 CoinMarketCap listing; WhiteBit listing; Phase 2 Q3, 2021. Item Shop. Item shop integration; Charity lotteries; Weekly events update; Website redesign; Second marketing campaign; Artists recruitment for merchandise; Phase 3 Q4, 2021. Partnerships and additional lotteries. Partnerships for exclusive prizes; Additional lotteries ; Weekly events update; E-commerce integration with merchandise. Mittlerweile ist es möglich, SafeMoon auf WhiteBit oder Bitmart zu verkaufen. Klicken Sie bei der jeweiligen Börse auf Einzahlung und wählen Sie SafeMoon aus. Jetzt gehen Sie zu MetaMask und überweisen mit dem Button Senden Ihre SafeMoon zur Börse. Es fällt jedoch wieder eine Gebühr in Höhe von 10% für die Überweisung an -CoinMarketCap Listing-10,000 Holders-Listing in Bitmart-Listing in hotbit-Listing in biki-Run the first project IRON GAMING PLATFORM 2021 Q2. Growth-15,000 Telegram Members-Website Redesign-25,000 Holders-Listing in whitebit-Listing in bitrue-30,000 Telegram Members-50,000 Holders-Listing in CEX-Listing in mxc-Influencer Marketing Partnerships-Run the second project IRON GAMING PLATFORM. Coin Gecko & Coinmarketcap Listing Exchange Listing (Bitmart & Whitebit) ARTDECO NFT Marketplace Public Beta Testing Governance & Voting On ARTDECO Dapp Features By Token Holders Submission for certik audit. Q1 2022. Artdeco Launchpad For Creators AMA's In Multiple Investor Channels. Last screenshot taken on 16 May 2021 . Screenshots taken 26 May 2021. Edward Jonhson. Master Architect and.

CoinMarketCal is the leading economic calendar for reliable cryptocurrency news. It covers all events that help crypto traders make better decisions Exchanges - Coinmarketcap - COVID19 - Listed on Whitebit Exchange April 1st - Listed on Latoken Exchange May 7th - Listed on Coinmarketcap May 11th - Beer Wallet IOS Development. READ MORE. Q2 2020. Exchanges and Wallet - Application and listing to 3 more exchanges - Entry to the Asian market - Beer Wallet IOS launch - Airdrop launch #2 to the community - Launch Staking program for holders. -CoinMarketCap.com-Coingecko.com-Blockfolio.com-Binance.com (TOKEN LOGO APPROVAL) May 20th, 2021. Centralized Exchanges. As growth occurs we plan to Reach out and list our CryptoMoonSwap Token on:-WhiteBit-BitMart-Bitfinex-GateIO-LaToken-CryptoCom (Future)-Kucoin (Future)-Binance (Future) NEXT: Reputation Growth. July through August 2021. Phase 4 . Production of our first Decentralized. Cryptosheets simplifies the process of accessing, aggregating, manipulating, and processing cryptocurrency API data. OVERVIEW All your crypto data in one place (and now all your capital & conventional markets data also!). Access crypto data from hundreds of data providers using simple =CSQUERY () formulas or browse data sets and send directly.

Top 3 Reasons Why Safemoon Exploded? (1000X CoinBitcoin entre dans un niveau baissier critique, uneKing MoneyExchange Airdrops – AirdropSeekerLa semaine qui a été: la controverse de Tether continue

In the United States of America (USA), there are many cryptocurrency exchanges available for residents to purchase digital assets. It can be a difficult task for beginners to find an exchange that's the right fit with so many options.We have reviewed 60+ exchanges and will list our top rated and best crypto exchanges for the US so you can make an informed decision We also plan on applying to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Q2 2021 Partnerships and Donations. With the help of our community we aim to partner with exchanges such as WhiteBit and also contribute towards charity. Community will be deciding which organizations the donations go to. Q3 2021 NFT Launch . Here we will launch the anticipated SafeTalk NFTs. Plans around NFTs are not fully finalized yet. ILGON is a blockchain ecosystem designed to satisfy both institutional and end-user needs. The ecosystem includes a number of components that together bring to life the ILGON Nation-state. ILGON Network (or blockchain) is the underlying distributed ledger that powers the ecosystem and provides a Turing-complete platform for transferring value. CoinMarketCap Listing; 10,000 Holders; Listing in Bitmart; Listing in hotbit; Listing in biki; Run the first project App Wallet Run the second project Kingtut Swap Q4. 2021 - Growth 15,000 Telegram Members; Website Redesign; 25,000 Holders; Listing in whitebit; Listing in bitrue; 30,000 Telegram Members; 50,000 Holders; Listing in CEX; Listing in mxc; Influencer Marketing Partnerships.

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