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  1. Get on Paxful: https://paxful.com/?r=zGMkybbRwQWCrypto University: https://cryptouniversity.co.zaIn this step by step tutorial, I'll show you how to buy Bitc..
  2. Pay with Amazon Gift Card to have bitcoin in your Paxful wallet as soon as the card is verified. You can either buy from one of many offers listed by vendors for selling their BTC using Amazon Gift Card or create your own offer to sell your bitcoin in Amazon Gift Card balance. At Paxful, vendors can set their own rates and decide their margins. Select the offer that suits you the most while buying and create offers that have the best chance of converting
  3. Welcome, here we will describe, step-by-step, how to buy Bitcoin on Paxful with a gift card. You can apply these instructions on any payment method on Paxful. Paxful is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange and the big benefit with such an exchange is that the peers (buyer and seller) can agree on how to transfer the fiat money. By being a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange Paxful can offer over 300.
  4. How To Buy Bitcoin With Gift Cards On Paxful - Step by Step - Duration: 8:35. Hardc0re Crypt0 6,228 view
  5. Buying Bitcoin can be done in many ways. We call these payment methods. Whatever anyone will accept in return for Bitcoin is a payment method. We allow members from all over the world to create their own payment methods with optionally asking for more payment details in streamlined approach. The combination is infinite
  6. How To Buy Bitcoin With Visa Gift Card On Paxful Summary. Create an account with Paxful. Verify your account. Go to Buy Bitcoin and look for Visa Gift Card. Open a trade with the vendor and complete the terms. Receive bitcoins directly into your Paxful wallet. That's it! You have successfully purchased bitcoin with Visa gift card as the payment method

Learn how to buy bitcoin with Paxful on this step-by-step tutorial by Maria. Buying bitcoin is now made easy with Paxful's more than 300 payment methods. In. Paxful. Buy bitcoins instantly with Gift Cards via peer-to-peer in a Bitcoin-only marketplace. Paxful removes the middleman, allowing potential buyers and sellers from all over the world to meet and trade directly with each other, easily, quickly and securely. They offer over 300+ different payment methods, such as cash, Paypal, bank transfer and more. Gift cards are one of the most popular. How To Buy Bitcoin With Xbox Gift Card On Paxful Summary. Create an account with Paxful. Verify your account. Go to Buy Bitcoin and look for Xbox Gift Card. Open a trade with the vendor and complete the terms. Receive bitcoins directly into your Paxful wallet. That's it! You have successfully purchased bitcoin with Xbox Gift Card as the payment method How To Buy Bitcoin With eBay Gift Card On Paxful Summary. Create an account with Paxful. Verify your account. Go to Buy Bitcoin and look for eBay Gift Card. Open a trade with the vendor and complete the terms. Receive bitcoins directly into your Paxful wallet. That's it! You have successfully purchased bitcoin with eBay Gift Card as the payment method

Paxful: The Best Place to Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card. First, you need to sign up on Paxful. Get your gift card and purchase receipt as sellers tend to ask for a picture. Select the 'Buy Bitcoin' option. In the last box, search and select 'Amazon Gift Card' or other options that interest you. Click on the search button. You will find a list with all the sellers willing to accept your gift card in exchange for Bitcoins Learn how to buy bitcoin on Paxful with over 300++ accepted payment methods! #PaxfulSchoolBuy bitcoin here: http://bit.ly/2YQl7YuFollow us on Facebook: https.. Choosing A P2P Platform - Buy Bitcoin With Gift Card. The first step to buying bitcoins with gift cards is making an account on either Paxful or Localbitcoins. Creating an account on either of these is extremely easy. We're going to give you the pros and cons of each platform and let you decide which one suits you the most. Paxful Steps to Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card. Click on the 'Buy Bitcoin' button and input the required details. Select 'Search' (this takes you to the Offer List) or 'Give me the best' (here, Paxful brings out the best offer). On the Offer List page, find a gift card type that you want to exchange To get started purchasing Bitcoins using gift cards, you will need to find a proper platform where you can exchange the gift card for Bitcoin securely. And in order to sell your card, the platform will require an image of the back of your gift card since it shows the code of your card. The platform may also require a photo of the receipt that you were given after purchasing your gift card

They are the best bitcoin exchange for amazon gift cards (and all gift cards for that matter). For example, suppose someone gives you a $50 Starbucks gift card. Since you never go to Starbucks, the money is just sitting there. You can use the $50 to buy bitcoins at Paxful.com. This exchange is a bit like LocalBitcoins.com in that you're able to buy bitcoins from private sellers (peer-to-peer). All you have to do is find a seller whose terms are agreeable to you. Then, reach out. Before you can purchase or sell bitcoins on Paxful with your iTunes gift card, consider these tips; You can only sell cards that you own; Ensure the card has some balance on it ; Purchasing Bitcoin. Now that you have your iTunes gift card ready, look for an offer that lists an iTunes gift card among the accepted payment options. Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to purchase and the currency. Go to Buy Bitcoin and look for PlayStation Network Gift Card. Open a trade with the vendor and complete the terms. Receive bitcoins directly into your Paxful wallet. That's it! You have successfully purchased bitcoin with PlayStation Network Gift Card as the payment method. 2 Ways To Buy Bitcoin With PlayStation Network Gift Card Paxful

You can buy and sell your bitcoin with Walmart Gift Cards immediately and securely on Paxful. Paxful is a platform whose primary objective is to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions (meaning from one user to another) and support buying Bitcoin with a Walmart gift card. Paxful has more than 300 payment methods available. You can buy bitcoin from. Bitit lets users buy Bitcoin through its prepaid vouchers and Bitcoin gift cards. Use Bitcoin Bitit Gift Card to redeem your Bitcoins as it is the perfect tool to buy, offer and receive Bitcoin. It is easy to understand the 3-step process to gift/redeem Bitcoin: Buy from one of Bitit partners and get your gift card delivered by post or email How to buy Bitcoins via Mpesa using Paxful. To buy Bitcoins through Paxful; Visit: Paxful; Select Payment method. In this case it is Mpesa. Enter the amount of money in Kenya Shilling have and you will see how many bitcoins you can buy with such amount as shown below; Buying Bitcoins with Mpesa through Paxful trading platform/Photo. After clicking Buy Bitcoins No Paxful . Paxful is one of the oldest platforms that facilitates transactions of gift cards into Bitcoin. It is certainly the most popular and their services are available in most countries across the globe. The platform has thousands of sellers and buyers looking to exchange the Amazon gift card for Bitcoins. It utilizes a simple user interface which is part of the appeal of the site as. It is possible to buy Bitcoins, Litecoin and other altcoins with Visa gift card. In order to do this you will need to go to your nearest store that sells Visa gift cards and buy the amount you wish to convert into cryptocurrency. You then need to find a crypto place (exchange or a marketplace) that accepts gift cards as a payment method

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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin with iTunes Gift Card. Payment Methods. What you need to start buying & selling BTC with iTunes Gift Card. A Paxful Account . The Sender must have a physical iTunes Gift Card (paid in cash with receipt) The receiver must have an Apple ID *Please be cautious if the card is paid with a credit card, bought online or if the receipt cannot be provided.**For safety. You can trade your bitcoins on Paxful because it's a p2p marketplace. Get connected with buyers and sellers and enjoy a host of payment options, including prepaid cards (Google Play Gift, PlayStation Network Gift, eBay Gift Card). Paxful enjoys a broader reach and allows you to trade in your local currency. Currently, Paxful only supports Bitcoin. Pros. User-friendly platform for a beginner. Key Features. Key features of Paxful include: 300 Ways to Pay: Paxful accepts 300+ different payment methods, ranging from Amazon gift cards to SWIFT bank transfers.If a seller is willing to accept a payment method, then you'll be able to buy bitcoin through Paxful with that payment method Can I buy bitcoin with gift cards on Paxful? Yes, you can use Paxful to purchase bitcoin using gift cards in Africa. You can pay with iTunes cards, Google Play cards, Disney gift cards, Amazon cards, and more. Bottom Line - Should I Use Paxful in Africa? Paxful in Africa is generally a great platform used by many due to few exchange platforms in this region. There are always people ready to. Buying Bitcoin with iTunes gift cards; Buying BTC with Amazon gift card. Alternatively, you can purchase some amount of Bitcoin using either a Google pay wallet, or Apple pay services both on your Android and IOS devices respectively. While you now know about some other ways to buy BTC, let me show you how you can buying Bitcoin with the.

Is Paxful a good option for bitcoin? How safe and reliable is it?. One of the main reasons to use Paxful is definitely their variety of payment options. With over 300 payment options, they have virtually every imaginable option you could need.It allows payments with, among others, cash deposits, credit and debit cards, multiple gift cards, PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union and National Bank. Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling bitcoin. After being founded in 2015, Paxful has quickly spread across the world to become one of the world's most popular platforms to buy bitcoin. Great choice to purchase BTC with cash. Users can post trade offers and search for offers with suitable payment methods and amounts. Pros

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Oh! Here comes Paxful: you can exchange your gift cards for crypto. Or you can sell Japanese fiat to buy crypto and send the money home (and bypass the outrageous 8% remittance fees) (What I especially like about Paxful is that you can sell obscure Giftcards like Chili restaurant gift card and Forever 21 gift cards As you can see from the image above, the top options are buying Bitcoin with a bank transfer, card-less cash, PayPal, PayID, Skrill and a last of all, why not buy bitcoin steam wallet gift card. I will go over all of these options later on, though for now let's go over some of the other features once you have completed the Paxful Sign in OKEx makes it easier than ever to buy Bitcoin with fiat currencies, thanks to our recent integration with Paxful.OKEx users can now buy Bitcoin with more than 160 fiat currencies, including the Turkish lira, the Indian rupee and the Argentine peso. Paxful offers convenient local payment methods such as bank transfers, domestic wires, online wallets and gift cards, among others Bitcoin empowers people to overcome these limitations by buying gift cards on a P2P marketplace with BTC and use that to pay directly for the stores they need. On Paxful there are over 300 payment. Paxful offers over 300 payment methods for you to buy bitcoin. This includes traditional bank transfer and credit card deposits. Further, you can buy bitcoin in Africa on the Paxful platform through iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, PayPal funds, ApplePay, Western Union, MoneyGram, Perfect Money, etc. How to buy bitcoin on Paxful

I'm trying to buy some PC components that are worth like $1,000, but saving money is always good, right. I heard ppl buy amazon gift card like 2-30% cheaper if you go through paxful with bitcoin payment Do no broker gift card codes. This means you cannot sell gift cards you buy from a third party into Paxful. Be responsive to buyers. Sellers should deactivate all offers if they are away from the computer. Be respectful to buyers. This is pretty self-explanatory. Write clear offer terms and trade instructions. Off-escrow trades are not allowed. Do not give other users your contact information. To be very frank, I personally stay away from the gift cards. There are around 120+ gift card options available on Paxful. Be it Amazon Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, OneVanilla Prepaid Gift Card, American Apparel Gift Card, AT&T Gift Card or a Best Buy Gift Card, you will find it all on this user friendly p2p exchange With Paxful, people buy Bitcoin directly from peers looking to sell, and Paxful acts as a mediator between the buyer and seller. Launched in 2015 by co-founders, CEO Ray Youssef, and COO, Artur Schaback, Paxful employs over 280 people in its headquarters in New York City, and established offices in Johannesburg, Estonia, Hong Kong, and Manila. Paxful's mission is 'social justice through. This is where Paxful comes in by offering some truly crazy options like gift cards for World of Warcraft and Amazon, cash in the mail or even phone top-up cards! Over 100 e-wallets are also supported, including the likes of PayPal and WechatPay. Yes, plain vanilla bank transfers are also supported. However, where Paxful stands apart from the crowd is by offering the ability to buy Bitcoin with.

Paxful is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin with anyone in the world. One of the best things about Paxful is that it allows users to pay for their Bitcoin purchase using their choice of more than 300 payment methods that include gift cards and Apple Pay, as well as more traditional methods like debit card, cash or online wallet Paxful is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin with anyone in the world. One of the best things about Paxful is that it allows users to pay for their bitcoin purchase using their choice of more than 300 payment methods. Options include gift cards and Apple Pay, as well as more traditional methods like your. Purse helps you to sell gift cards for BCH and BTC. Redeeem presents itself as a crypto exchange for discount gift cards. The platform operates on a P2P basis and you can buy and sell gift cards. Paxful is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin with anyone in the world. One of the best things about Paxful is that it allows users to pay for their Bitcoin purchase using their choice of more than 300 payment methods. Options include gift cards and Apple Pay, as well as more traditional methods like your debit card, cash or online wallet

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Walmart Gift Card. Now another aspect of this article is how to buy Bitcoin with a Walmart gift card. Suppose a person has more than one gift card (Walmart), then it becomes really important for him or her to search for a person who has BTCs and is interested in sharing them. When both parties agree on Walmart's gift card exchange with. How To Buy Bitcoin With iTunes Gift Card. 1. Paxful. Paxful is the equivalent of eBay for Bitcoin. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling Bitcoin-based out of New York City. And for the same, it supports more than 300 payment ways including payment with iTunes gift card. Fees: Seller pays 1% to Paxful, buyer pays to a seller. If you created an account on Paxful, you can buy tether by using these steps.. Visit the website. Click Buy and select tether. Choose your preferred payment method and currency. For example, Paxful offers over 350 payment methods such as PayPal, mobile money, gift cards, crypto, and debit cards Paxful is a P2P market place that enable users to buy bitcoin using over 300 payment methods, such as gifts card (Amazon, iTunes, etc), Bank, Neteller, etc Paxful is considered the Uber of Bitcoin due to the ease it brings to the purchase and sale of the currency; it is similar to LocalBitcoins but supports a lot more payment methods than its rivals (Remitano, LocalBitcoin etc) Paxful's peer-to-peer trading network can be used to buy Bitcoin with 160 different fiat currencies. With this integration, Paxful will act as a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp for Bityard customers. It.

FULL GUIDE: Paxful, Bitcoins, Amazon Gift Cards for Passive Income Please read the full guide before starting to use this method. Requirements (MANDATORY) PC or mobile Device Internet connection 75 USD of spare money in your bank account Requirements (RECOMMENDED) Amazon account with purchase history Instructions 1. Sign up for Paxful here: 2 The number of payment options is quite remarkable, even including such prepaid cards as the Google Play Gift Card, eBay Gift Card, or a PlayStation Network Gift Card. Just like LocalBitcoins, Paxful is widely available and allows exchange in your local currency to simplify trade. At this time they only support Bitcoin Buy BTC with Gift Card or Vochuer. Using giftcard or vochuer to buy cryptocurrency is becoming a simplest and easy solution. our software readily support this usecase. OTC Platform for crypto currency. The software can also serve as manually operated OTC Platform. You can sell your crypto to multiple peoples. Paxful Clone Script - Key Software Design & Features. Fully Automated. Paxful hosts the fourth busiest Bitcoin wallet by volume, but their status is often ignored due to the low amount of their transactions. People aren't normally sending hundreds or thousands of dollars per transaction on Paxful, but the p2p network embraces this reality as their goal is to offer an economic lifeline to the developing world. The number one gift card used by the unbanked on.

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In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can make money with Bitcoin on Paxful Website step by step.🔗Paxfulhttps://paxful.com/?r=zGMkybbRwQWI recommend to su.. Buying Bitcoin P2P with Paxful . Paxful is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace, established in 2015, intending to bring together buyers and sellers more casually and socially. The platform allows for more control over the buying and selling process by letting users choose who they make transactions with; Paxful makes the whole process more decentralized and adds a personal aspect to the. You could, of course, buy gift cards using a credit card or debit card that you own if that's fine with you. Use Card Coins to buy Bitcoin with a gift card. 7 ) FastBitcoins (Buy BTC in the UK without ID) If you are based in the UK and you are looking for ways to buy BTC without the need for an ID then you can use FastBitcoins.com. This is a site where you can buy Bitcoins without ID. You. 2. 3 Easy Methods to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously. Note: In June 2019, the popular website LocalBitcoins removed its option for in person cash trades. Method 1 - Paxful. If you're looking to buy Bitcoins anonymously then the easiest way would be to buy Bitcoins in cash and in person. Use Paxful to find someone who is willing to sell Bitcoins for cash next to your physical location

It also has many other payment options, such as IDEAL, Western Union, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Card. You can just add your prepaid card as the preferred payment method to buy Bitcoin securely on LocalBitcoins. Coinmama . Coinmama was founded in Israel in 2013 and now supports users from over 220 countries. The platform has a user-friendly interface and supports multiple languages so that people. If you are going to buy Bitcoin using Visa gift card, or any other gift card you desire, the first step, pretty obviously, is to first obtain these gift cards. You can buy them any of the many retailers that sell them. To initiate a transaction, in most cases, the first thing a seller asks for is an image of the back of the card which clearly lists the actual gift card code. They will also be. Paxful is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows its 160,000 monthly users over 300 ways to buy Bitcoin. It can also be used by website owners to accept Bitcoin payments on their websites Paxful lets you buy and sell bitcoin with your choice of over 300 payment methods. You can: Buy or sell bitcoin with Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards or Steam gift cards. Buy or sell bitcoin. Trade-In A Gift Card. Several exchanges accept a wide variety of payment forms such as pre-paid cards, gift cards from iTunes, Amazon and many others. These cards can be traded in the exchange for digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Exchanges like Paxful will accept Amazon giftcard to buy Bitcoin. It should be noted the fees can be higher than using a traditional method. Use Bitcoin ATM.

Gift cards can be seen as a sort of stablecoin which are

Paxful allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC). Fees. Being a peer-to-peer network, Paxful does not charge buyers any fee for Bitcoin purchases. This responsibility falls on the sellers who charge buyers a fee depending on the payment method they are using. For instance, if you are making payments via gift cards, you will be charged higher fees than if you are using credit/debit cards for. Alternatively, after we tell you how to buy Bitcoin with your ITunes gift card, you can simply have that Bitcoin exchanged for whatever cryptocurrency you want. You May Also Read: 5 Sites To Buy Bitcoin With Your Debit Card. 1. Paxful. Paxful is a rather well-known portal for buying and selling Bitcoins and there are a large number of ways to do so over here. Now Paxful is a lot like eBay, but. Paxful is a peer-to-peer exchange is based in the United States and was founded in 2015.. It supports up to 300 different methods of payment which include PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, Gift Cards, e.t.c. The only cryptocurrency supported by the company is Bitcoin but it supports more than 80 fiat currencies.. For the steps to buying Bitcoin with Paypal, I have included a video. Gift cards take the top spot as the most used payment option on Paxful with Amazon gift cards specifically being one of the most popular. The benefits of using Amazon gift cards . As said earlier, Amazon gift cards are one of the more popular payment methods on peer-to-peer marketplaces. This means that using Amazon gift cards will give you a trading advantage over those who prefer to use. You can now buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency via Apple Pay instantly. There are many payments (like; credit or debit cards, PayPal, bank account, ACH, gift cards etc) you can use to purchase any amount of Bitcoin, but some prefer to use some other simpler methods. Previously, I wrote how to buy Bitcoin with Google Pay wallet for Android users. And there is no way am going to forget about Apple IOS.

Buyers of bitcoin are often selling gift cards that they did not buy themselves (e.g. a Nigerian user that sells a Walmart gift card but there are no Walmarts in Nigeria). This act is considered. As a result of the service's popularity, finding people who want to buy its gift cards is easy. When selling an Amazon gift card, you can get up to 92% of face value back . You may have to settle for a little less if you're in a rush, but by and large, you should look for at least 80% of what the card is worth to begin with Bitcoin Exchanges that accept PayPal. Paxful.com - What's great about Paxful is the fact that aside from PayPal, they have a very long list of payment methods that you can choose from! To name a few you can pay using Amazon Gift Card, OneVanilla Gift Card and any Credit Card. LocalBitcoins.com - One reason why LocalBitcoins remains at the top of Bitcoin exchange websites is the fact that. Paxful is one of the most popular peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplaces in the world, rivaled only by its longtime competitor, LocalBitcoins. In contrast to established and regulated exchanges that usually only allow users to purchase bitcoins via a wire transfer, Paxful supports payments in anything from the Western Union to Amazon Gift Cards

Paxful: Buy Bitcoin instantly from other users of this reliable peer-to-peer Bitcoin network. Paxful supports more than 150 payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon gift card, Western Union, Debit and Credit Cards, Neteller, Skrill and many more. Local Bitcoins: On this site you can buy Bitcoin directly from other users. PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram, cash deposit, postal order and many more. Paxful allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin to anyone in the world through it's online marketplace which supports a wide variety of payment options Most importantly, if you select 'Gift Cards' as an option, Paxful doesn't require any ID. It's a great option for those looking to stay anonymous. However, other methods do prompt you to enter a valid ID. Escrow. Secure escrow service is provided by Paxful to its buyers and sellers. Once a trade is confirmed by both ends, the platform transfers the Bitcoin from vendor to Paxful's. Purchasing Bitcoin via Paxful is quite a straightforward experience and the site offers users a wide variety of ways to pay, on top of this, the site doesn't take any fees directly from the buyer when they are purchasing Bitcoin. However, the buyer will be charged a fee chosen by the seller; and this fee can vary greatly depending upon the payment method used. Paying by gift card often.

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The payment options offered here are huge, You can buy bitcoin with Paypal, Credit Card, Bank transfers, Western Union transfers, Cash transfers etc. Paxful also allows customers to buy or sell. Here are the open offers for Amazon Gift Card at Paxful.com. Please take note on the to pay on the dollar row. I clicked on the first seller which is btc247 where the listing rate is $0.82 on the dollar. Total would be $61.00 if I was to buy $50.00 worth of Bitcoin from this seller. If you scroll further down, you will be able to see sellers that accept e-Gift Cards as payment. Some.

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Options include gift cards, Apple Pay, Facebook Messenger, as well as more traditional methods like your debit card, cash or online wallet. Since bitcoin is a digital currency, all transfers are delivered into your Paxful e-wallet. To buy BTC, you can use one of more than 300 payments options that include: Bank transfers; Cash deposits; Debit. Top 2 Best Ways to Buy BTC with Google Wallet. 1. LocalBitcoins. As a marketplace in itself and less of an exchange, LocalBitcoins is one of the best ways available for the average buyer today when it comes to making cryptocurrency purchases. Special emphasis has to be placed here on their amazing services when it comes to buying Bitcoins with.

Buy bitcoins with Wirex debit card. How to Buy Bitcoins Using PayPal through Paxful Pros: Wide range of sellers from all over the world Cons: Chances of scam, high exchange rate Paxful is the latest version of Local Bitcoins. It is a decentralized peer to peer marketplace and allows users to buy bitcoins with Skype credits, Amazon gift cards. Get Bitcoins with PayPal via Paxful. At the Paxful homepage, click PayPal option as a method of BTC purchase and select a number of bitcoins you wish to purchase. You will be directed to the terms of trade which you should go over in detail. Once ready, click on the button BUY NOW and start the chat with a trader. The escrow service is available while you are transferring funds from your. Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay through Paxful. Pros: No buying fees. Cons: Seller premiums are high, purchase limits are low. Paxful is a peer-to-peer (p2p) cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2015. Paxful connects buyers and sellers of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through a variety of payment methods, including Apple Pay. Paxful doesn't charge fees for cryptocurrency purchases. Binance users via Paxful platform will be able to buy bitcoin with about 10 different fiat currency. Currencies like the Russian Ruble (RUB), the Vietnamese Dong (VND), the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), the Nigerian Naira (NGN), etc. Alongside its recent inclusion of Paxful, Binance already has several other fiat gateway partners How to buy Bitcoin in the UK using Binance? 1. Open up a Binance account by entering the basic details that you would be needing to open any account. 2. Once you access your account, you need to.

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LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer platform that allows you to buy bitcoins anonymously (without verification). It matches buyers and sellers online and in-person, locally in 14,380 cities and 248 countries including USA. Purchase BTC with cash, bank transfer, gift card, or PayPal. BUY Ƀ ANONYMOUSL Paxful co-founder Ray Youssef wants to give back to world with Bitcoin after the cryptocurrency helped him go from homeless to a major Bitcoin success. His high-minded ideas about what Bitcoin can.

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Paxful is another peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that accepts a long list of payment methods, including PayPal. Here's an example of how to buy BTC using PayPal on Paxful: Create a Paxful account

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